Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Clevestig


Seems like a good start.
Good luck!! :thumbsup:


Linda: Tackar! Love your VRay renders!!! :thumbsup:

Andy: Thank you!!!


show us your art friend.
keep going.


First preliminary model showing the main shape of the first example ship. The shape is built on my sci-fi city design. The mesh is a series of splines in a loft hypernurb in a mirror function


Second concept model with a wider structure. More to follow…


Hi peter…looking good.I like your thoughts and layout plans for the scene.Also that’s a very nice idea you have for emmitors and particles with turbulance and wind …This is going to be a nice thread to follow,go strong with it,it looks like you have a very good plan.:thumbsup:


Looking real good Peter. Reminds me a bit of the movie “Independence Day” when the big ships come through the clouds. Great job for Storm Tracer I would assume. :thumbsup:


Thanks :thumbsup:

The Independence day effect is cool, and similar to what I want to achieve. I want to try to push the particle system so that invividual hull obstructions create a frictional drag which in turn will add a separate plume of fire-smoke-gas. In other words, I want this ship smokin!

Im will be relying on Storm for this, and Im eagerly waiting for the manual so I can learn :slight_smile:


Ok, third and last conceptual model. I would love to hear anyone’s opinion on which of these three will be the cloud piercing “mothership”


I certainly vote for concept #1 - and if you should go for portrait format, it will fit in very well. Anyway, it’s the most unexpected design of the three candidates… so, that would be my choice :thumbsup:


The gun turret mesh after the concept sketch that will be part of the ships armament.


:applause: I’m shure the battle will be really hard. Really love your models !


Have to watch this to see where it goes :thumbsup:


A possible addition for the ship as it is affected by the planets gravity. Don’t know where to put it yet thow!



wow, really good start to your modelling dude! the booster rockets look amzing at this point.

keep going :buttrock:


hey very fast.very good model work.Good story and idea too.:thumbsup:


Great modeling skills and good models so far.
Cant wait to see more from you Peter!!


Started to add detail to the main mesh and adding engines and some of the separate modelled things.


ANother more detailed view of the details in the back of the ship, which will most likely not be visable in the final scene. Next step will be the front and creating real booster mounting.


Beautiful details so far! Looking forward to the next developments of your work… :slight_smile: