Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peter Clevestig


Peter Clevestig has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Rendering: Preliminary render

So sorry for the delay guy’s, been cought up in the HL2 frenzy, unable to stop playing such an excellent game.

Above is the merged testrender that I have done in full final resolution. I would be very happy to hear your thought on it. The sperical crafts are closer to the camera now, please note that this is not their final color (will be a mix of colors to break the white/blue background). Also, one thing that is lacking yet is the comet tale for the second ship which I’ll render this weekend. Furthermore, Im experimenting with ground explosions and smoke to make the conflict more apparant.

Please give me some critique on this as Im nearing final render.

nuclearman: Thanks you for the link. This was what I set out to do at first, but since the backdrop was done, I’v been going twards the “comet tale” style.

Thanks again all for your patience and commitment to viewing my progress, now Im eagerly awaiting your thoughts!


haha :D… nice to see you here Peter. Good luck to you !



Hey Julien! Im really gonna try completing the challenge this time around. Got my idea ironed out and will post some sketches this afternoon. Let’s give this challenge a run for its money :smiley:

Best of luch to all participants!



Hello Peter…Nice to see you here…And may the Gods of higher poly counts be with you…I’ll be looking you up here.Best to you,have fun,I’ll catch you later…:arteest:


Thank you Michael! I sure hope those poly gods are with me when its time for greebles :smiley:

I really hope to see you join in on this one! :bounce:


nice to see you here Peter :thumbsup:


Thanks Brian, and best of luck to you! :thumbsup:


Hej Peter, kul att se dig här!

Will be following your thread with great interest and I really hope you find the time to finish it! :thumbsup:



Conceptual sketch over the main battle cruiser penetrating the clouds above the soon to be conquered world.


Tack Anders! Jag hoppas att du också medverkar denna gång :thumbsup:


nice start show more soon
good luck friend


Two more sketches, one showing a very rough side view of the battle cruiser and another showing a more detailed view of the cannon armament, inspired by many different Sci-fi series and Manga.


That first concept is very promising. I like the idea of thick clouds being turbulently thrown aside by that massive cruiser. Aye :thumbsup:


hardddd, your battle will be tremendous !!!



I just hope I can implement this. :eek:

Im hoping fore some extensive use of TP and Storm Tracer. I just need to take a crash course in them now!


Here’s a little “collage” depicting the general look that I want to achieve. The surface will probably be a city scape spanning the whole field of view which I may achieve through SPD. As for the fire clouds, I was thinking of having certain polygons on the ships hull to act as emmitors for particles with turbulance and wind to get the right look…but thats very far away yet =)


arg… you… grrrr… :smiley: I don’t have it and no Pyrocluster…



Hehe, I upgraded to XL R9 and recieved it last week. From using Art R7 and Core 8 to 8.5, I must admit I have soo much more to learn :eek:


what a good exercice this challenge :wink:


Looks great for beggining looking forward to see the development of this pic.

Lycka till!