Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Peakman




VERY nice indeed! I’m always very envious of people who can be so “fantasticle” with there character designs.


Nice modelling!
One small thing - the legs look a little little bit boxy, at the end. Otherwise everything else looks great!



very nice character designs & sketches. looking nice.


great sketches and cool model Peakman! :thumbsup:
keep it up mate and best of luck!


Very interesting character, I really like the poison quill fish
head gear. Those fish have awesome coloring, it would be
cool to see some insane coloring there. Their idea is they make
themselves very visible as a warning that they know you’ll die
if you attack them. But your guy looks like a predator and they
use camouflage. What does a poison fish eat? Little shrimps arround
a corral bed? Dunno. Maybe I should google it. So anyway maybe his
poison quills should be camouflaged and not insanely colorful.

my 3d entry


The model is coming along rather nicely, but I’m not sure about the knee pads though. They don’t seem to match so well with the rest, but that’s just my opinion. Keep up the good work.


very good:)


Here’s the first texture version of my creature. Will see if there’s enough time for me to polish it more…

And thanks again for all the comments and viewing.


This is a quick lighting test…

Hm, time is running short so I’ll have enough time to finish my work…


Render test…


I think you need more movment. Make their poses a little more dynamic, like in the sketch. Also the first render had light that made it look more realisticly under water.


Final Image


Compositing and effect…


Giant space shrimps?:slight_smile: Great idea and a really nice final - congrats and good luck!


Hey Peakman,

Great job on finishing this. I like the image it has a cool feel to it. Sort of like the opposite of Dune ,instead of desert there in water.
Cool image:thumbsup: ,Good luck


Your final image doesn’t show right in the voting page might want to check it with the admin.

Good luck!


Cool concept, nice sketches, amazing final pic!


Thanks a lot for all the viewing, replies and comments for my image so far. I really enjoy this experience participating in this competition, and seeing all the great works from others artists all over the world!!!

And thanks for Gunilla’s concern about my final image, and sorry about my confusing final image. It’s actually the right one that I came up with at the last day, it’s just the same image I post as my compositing image as well. But somehow when I’m submitting my image the final image shows up first so my compositing one shows as my last image updated.

Finally good luck to everyone in this competition and as someone said we are all winners already to have gone so far!!!


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