Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Pavel Kornev


Pavel Kornev has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


Attack on the cradle of worlds. This is my idea: two creatures in a shape of giant butterflys, possibly they should be named Gods, are mothers of the whole planetary systems. The planets are produced from the tips of their wings. The agressive civilization planed to attack this planets, and for this purpose they evidently must attack the butterflyes first.


Here is my scetch


Some modeling of space butterfly’s head, modeled mainly by NURBS


some rendering


Great idea! But in my opinion should be more of attacker ships surrounding those Gods.

Anyway, так держать! Удачи!



Great Idea let´s see what will hapen, Keep this nice job.



Yeas, probably there will be more spaceships, if I will have time to model it :wink:


Very weird, but very original! I definitely agree that more ships – a swarm, really – should be buzzing about, attacking from all over. Even if all the ships are the same model, it would be just fine.


Start of the ship modeling - this is a view on ships weapon - several antiproton guns, which are focused by giant central antenna


This is a close-up view on the antiproton gun. Modelled by poly, some elements (upper grate) by nurbs


Detail of a gun


At first I modelled a smooth nurbs hull, but after that I thought that this ship must be very huge, several kilomiters in length maybe, and contain many small details, so i modelled smaller constructions in a suspension brackets of antiroton guns


Spaceship after attaching engines


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