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Paul Gulianelli has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: Environment Combining Test (kind of post effect)

very first test of combining environment and objects… default max lighting… ie no lighting at all… :smiley: as you can see even textures look bad…
but i’m posting all this very rough and ugly stuff cos you can see working process and attempts to find proper solution…
in current image i used mapped (with previously posted renders of clouds) fog… despite the very rough maps and without proper lighting effect looks quite volumetric and i think it’s a right direction to develop…
thank you and cheers…


Hi every one and best of luck to all of you in this huge and great challenge…

Right away I have to apology for my one-eyed English and ask you not to pay too much attention to my spelling…:deal:

Honestly I don’t have any a bit finished idea what to do and I’ve decided to post what I have, so with your help I might be able to form it out…

 All I’ve got yet is:

[li]all the action happens in outer space around planet Naroony in the Aon Beta solar system… no close views of buildings/creatures or so… though there must be close views of space ships/stations…[/li][li]there is an impact in the first, intruding into each other, edge regions of colliding galaxies…[/li][li]one side is technologically highly developed and widely spread in galaxy exactly human-like civilization inhabiting a terran type planets…(working name – “Humanoids”)[/li][li]another side is earlier unknown particle-like form of life of unknown morphology inhabiting asteroids and asteroids belts… (working name – “Particloids”) (obviously probs with imagination) :sad: [/li]
[/ul] Known facts and experience:

[li]the first and the only contact between Humanoids and Particloids took place few years before and was marked with total devastation of Humanoids’ planet Harpu in the Aon Alpha solar system by few unexpected and very powerful strikes coming form the Particloids’ large asteroid…[/li][li]Particloids form luminescent (color depends on further development and main composition), large and patterned colonies over entire surface they inhabit…[/li][li]its unknown if they have or not intellect… more likely they act instinctively or coded obtaining and expanding environment for existence because it was noticed that they are inclined to destroy anything unlike asteroids or moon-like objects trying to convert it into the suitable form for their expansion…[/li][li]it looks like they exist and totally depend on Solar energy… they are able to accumulate and transform Solar radiation and use it as defensive shield as well as striking force by concentrating and directing huge streams of energy…[/li][li]Humanoids were absolutely not prepared for such attack and were unable to oppose any proper either defensive or counterattacking technology… since the first attack they’ve been preparing for the next impact going to occur between Particloids and planet Naroony when their orbits will cross each other… [/li][/ul] That’s all for now… any crits, comments, advices and suggestions are more then welcome… meanwhile I’ll start posting first sketches and test compositions… though I doubt about composition because it totally depends on the final idea so I think it would be better to start making composition after the main idea is formed… well, we’ll see… I don’t know exactly…

Once again the best of luck to all of you in this coolest challenge and cheers…



This is an attempt to find and adjust proper forms and proportions for the ship. Virtually it’s a very basic 3D model. 3D sketching is more flexible for me because it allows quickly check forms from different angles and estimate light/shadow volume. 2D filtering makes picture look like sketch that helps to feel main shape of the object much better.


Main shape is done. Weapon and details I’ll add later. I was trying to achieve predator look for Assault Frigate cos in couple with Torpedo Frigate they are main striking force of Humanoids. Torpedo Frigate is heavier modification of Assault Frigate so I’ll need to add torpedo bay on the top side of the ship and increase size of missile section on the bottom side. There’ll be hundreds of frigates involved in the battle scene as well as shield generators. Also later I’ll start to model Orbital Base. This is all for the present moment. Ships should wait for better times until I’ll figure out main concept and scene composition. Cheers.


Very nice designs, I like the stylized presentation also. You might try a cockpit view approach to the scene(s) you were describing, putting some high-tech consoles into light, then have the ship you are in following another ship like an escort vessel approaching a vast array of beautiful sights, maybe even a large interstellar commercial craft, the view from a top level 1st class diner or bottom class refuges in the bay below. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what you come up with, good job so far!


Thank you for compliments Richard… and separate thanks for an advice… I’ll test this concept definitely… but I think 1st class restaurant view wont work well cos there’ll be damn fierce battle out there :smiley: these sinister Particloids are going to blow up and burn out in terrible radiation everything around them… :smiley:

But what I’m sure about is that I obviously need one cam either in cockpit or installed in/on the missile’s warhead… cos virtually it will be a short movie and I’ll need much more cams then one or two… I hope in the end I’ll have plenty cams to choose from for the final image… :slight_smile:
Accordingly I’ve decided to stick on 2.4 ratio… so final resolution of my still image is going to be 3636x1515… sure I cant technically render a movie at this resolution :sad: I think my PC’s resources will be able to produce 768x320… I’m not the Hollywood so for me its more than enough… :smiley:

Soon I’ll start posting some test compositions and sketches and it should be more clear for me in what direction and how to develop project…

Thanks once again and cheers…


Really reminds me of the Homeworld concepts. Great style keep it up!


Thanks Borro… You’r absolutely right… To my opinion Homeworld’s concept art is great… I like it and use similar style because it allows to underline main shape of an object…
Cheers and good luck in challenge…


good job man and all the best


thanks pinnamraj… you are doing very nice stuff in your project…
cheers and good luck to you!


Well… Here is the first composition… I’ts very basic but I’m just trying to find proper object positions and color/brightness balance… also some basic lighting… there’ll be much more objects in the scene (spaceships, chunks, shockwaves, explosions etc) but most of them are going to be very small and more likely will be operated by particle systems… well, composition is still in progress so any crits and advices are more then welcom… cheers…



the composition is coming along very nicely. Especially the left side with the sun rise. Keep up the good work


Great composition on the concept image,

and I also like your ship design. I look forward to your progress.


HieSpike: thank you and good luck in challenge… you are doing very nice stuff…

Rex3d: thanks a lot for comment… are you in challenge too? anyway good luck :slight_smile:

more crits and suggestions are very appreciated… from the other side here is not so much to crit or suggest yet… soon will be much more… i promise…:wip:


Wow excellent imagery. My hats off to you. Your choice of colors is outstanding. They provide a rich contrast to the background really making things pop. I cannot wait to see the fight sequence you have in mind. So far so great! :thumbsup: I love animation personally so I want a copy of your final animation I will put it up on my own site when its done… :bounce: Keep up the great work!:slight_smile:


Here is progrees in modeling Assault Frigate… I’ve added cannons, bridge and some minor stuff… Conceptual design is my weakest point so it takes a bit much time… But i think Assault Frigate looks more and more like cool guy so I’m satisfied so far… I have to add PDS (Point Defence System), armor and some minor details… I hope after that he will look even better… As always any crits and any comments are welcome…


another one…


sorry, I don’t know how to upload few pics together…


Thanks for the words of encouragement Greentek:thumbsup:

Any feed back i can get is greatly appreciated.
Your initial pics are great!!:smiley: Ican’t wait to see more.
I’ll definetly keep on this thread.


I like to proportions of your space craft, its chunky yet looks like it would have a great deal of power and maneuverability. The star fields youve created look legitimate, they have a nice look to them, the images look kinda cel shaded to me, due to the outlined edges and flat tones on the ship it looks nice, but im guessing that theyre just test renders. Great work, keep it up.

Your first composition is great but its perhaps a little empty, i really dont know what you could add but i kinda get the feeling it needs some more eye candy. Atm its looks a bit plain, its still early and youve got plenty of room to move so i bet your final image will be fantastic. goodluck.:thumbsup: