Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


coming together nicely!



its coming up nicely! i also liked the tank design. it reminds me of those bots from ghost in the shell (they appeared in the manga only, not the anime), but i forgot their names.

continue firme!! :thumbsup:



Pretty quick,and pretty good.Could you show some more closeups of the mechs,and a wire would be good too.keep it going D3.:thumbsup:


wow so far so good. by the sketch it looks like it’s gonna be a nice a detailed piece. look forward to updates


MAN I HAAATEEE YOOOU!!.. stop being soo fast and soo good… awesome job on the spidybot modeling… keep it up but i dont think we can keep up with ya;)… wud love to c where it goes… :thumbsup: :applause:


wooooo!:bounce: you are going very fast! good luck great models.:thumbsup:


… great start … you’re so fast !



O concept está bem legal e a modelagem está apavorando, estou torcendo para ver um bom trabalho ok!Mas acho difícil vc nao apresenatr algo com um bom nível



nice work on the bots they’re looking great i can’t wait to see them with textures


Spider Mech… Looks like it will make the SF3D/“Maschinen Krieger ZBV 3000” folks very excited. Excellent design!


Really a great start ! Nice model.


caraca patrick! muito bom!! e tbm super rapido!! :twisted: manda ve cara q a cena promete!!!


this a just skye prop (low poly), very smal prop hehehe


skye prop 2 heheh another smal prop


Opa Grande D-3 muito show véio …
Great :buttrock:

Rivan Henrique


this is a litle big ship on skye!! the detail is very simples primitives and extruded box heheh realy a simple model, but a god visual impact!


side view! nive ship so i think! heheh


Man, you are good. The models are coming along very fast…kind of scarry, are you sure these are all new models or just old ones your reusing? Just asking because your speed is making me feel worried and if your faking it…well…but if you’re not, GREAT JOB!!! Would love to see the initial concept in color or in detail. Good luck



Holy S***!!! :scream:

You’re fast and GOOD!!! :eek:

Looks great and very promising! Keep up the good work!
Can’t wait to se more ups! :bounce:

Beijão :wink:


hy all!! very thanks to coment my work… i´m very happy !

i want to get a more time to post more here… but i working hard on the studio… and consume much time of my day… a justa have 3 or 4 hours to make the models, and post here!

sorry & thanks!

(sorry by my english!)