Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


one more time very thanks guys!!! :applause:

c ya!!!


good luck my friend!!


very thanks juliano!! you and another guys maked a very helpfull comentes and critiques!! thanks man!!


Yup really good stuff, really has this blockbuster, action-packed feel to it. Good job man!

:buttrock: :thumbsup:


keetmun - thanks man!! blockbuster :eek: WOW thanks thanks and thanks hehehe


how did i miss this ,man its amazing,all the best


Hi there master! I watched you r image pixel by pixel as I promised, and everything looked great:)

I have finished as well, check it out!


Nice work here! This has a real feel of impending doom. I like the composition and think you should do well Good luck.
Kind Regards


Good luck man! :deal:

Que Ronaldo y Ronaldinho te iluminen! :smiley:


Once again, wishing the best for your entry mate! :slight_smile:
Surely put some extra effort on it and really dedication…learned some staff on time planning mostly…
The inspiration behind was really strong too and helped you finish your vision really really soon!! :thumbsup:

Wishing the best for your entry mate!


Really Nice ! A great history to tell ! Well done ! congrats !


hi there, great image you got there, I want to congratulate you for all your efforts. Your image is one of my favorits.


Thats it what i call a “dynamic perspective”…Man, u did your job absolut fabulous…:applause:

When can we see this in a cinema round the corner?? :bounce:

Good luck in voting, dude!


great entry. How could i missed this one. good luck


Cool image Patrick.:thumbsup:
Dense but not overloaded, dynamic with live characters, like a shot from a movie.
Congrats mate!! :applause:
GL in the judjing phase!:thumbsup:


:bounce: thanks guys!!

jdsb - thanbks man!! you don´t miss just become later heheh

arturro - thanks man!! master? how ?? where?? hehe thanks man!!!

blackdragoncg - thanks man!!!

Daniel Pittaluga - very thanks man!! ronaldinho, ronaldo, pelê,zico, cafu and another soccer players hehehe

terraarc - thanks man!! planning the work is the key!! hehehe

gpepper - thanks man!!

SnakeFarlow - very thanks

Saschi0815 - thanks man!! Cinema? :eek: if some producing of hollywood to be interested for something of that type hehehe

lukep - thanks like i´m say to “jdsb” you don´t miss just become later heheh

PROctavian - thanks man!! yours return has been very good… I prefer myself not to arrest the jury’s decision or to be awaiting something! if you say that you liked I am very happy!!

Thanks all!! and best luck for all!!
c ya


One of the best works than I have seen in this challenge. The true Grand Space Opera:bounce:

Good luck:thumbsup:


:thumbsup: thanks man!! true GSO hehehe :eek:


I’m really sorry I didn’t see this project before. I had told you that the image posted on #362 was, in my opinion, the right one to submit as final image.

Anyway, nice work.

Good Luck.




Beautiful pic, the “life” of your characters is very impressiv, good anatomic positions, i like too the level of detail of the element, and the angle of vision, very great work