Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


thanks guys for all coments… the images i will work in next year only… hehehe
i´m puted in my server some imagens for the making of if some one have interesst to see.

Well is this…
thanks guys!!
c ya

happy new year for all


:bowdown: thanks for all this stuff, I have checked more or less what is there, and it will be helpful for sure, thanks! I will watch it pixel by pixel:twisted:


sweet image collection


Nice Job Friend, nice job!!


Thanks guys!!

arturro pixel by pixel ?? :eek: hehe

thanks for tha all coments… the final image i will post on nextyear heheh to star the new year good hehehe

c ya guys!


You seem to have already crossed the finish line! :thumbsup: And the result is some awsome work to be proud of! Wishing the best on the year to come!


how could u already be finished nearly

im still getting started
well not really
ohwell will be good to see the final


Hi my friend,

Great Job! I like a lot of the atmospherics effects. The blue rays are also very beatfull!
The contrast on the background between the the oriental feeling and the hitech aspect of the buildings is really interesting too :thumbsup: .
Great job with the dust and the character poses! All the textures are really good too, the woman´s face colors are very beautfull.
Great composition job with the “hot fraction” over the ships! The hole effect on the ships rockets (turbinas) is very beautfull too.
Great color balance !
The shot has a really great sence of motion…maybe some bullets travelling could work fine for this ! :thumbsup:

Really beautfull piece Patrick! I love the scene!
Congratulations :applause:



very nice!
we are waiting updates!


very very thanks guys… i will post the final image on this week… very soon…

realy thanks for all peoples whrited here, coments, crtitiques and etc…

c ya!! en Best Luck for all!!


Congrats this is really amazing :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:



My Final Image

In the Year of 2078, a prophecy revealed to the Rulers of the earth, it described a child’s arrival that would destroy the empire and it would free the human race.
Then, th Lord of the war, lord nomed ordered that all of the born children in that period were sacrificed.
He sent their troops to exterminate all of the born children and with the smaller age than a year of life.
Their soldiers wandered for the cities behind that child. Spreading the fear and the intolerance!
A child especially was born in a city called remote meleb, bringing with itself a Divine mark. God’s son!

Thanks All!!!
Best luck for all :slight_smile:


great uses of contast between the blue and yellow lighings…nice placement of fog for atmoshepere…and GREAT caracters for this scene…it really tells a story…good luck D3…you finished before us so now you are sitting there chillin while we all scramble about… :banghead:

…BTW how do you accomplish the “heat waves” in the air under the ship…they add alolt and I’ve been looking to do the same ?/////


the heay wave is painted layer… overlay/vividlight and another… is pure photoshop heheh

Thanks man!!!


Amazing work! Congratulations on the finished piece. The level of detail is perfect and the overall composition looks to be in balance. Way to go!

Comments needed here too!


Yap, this one gonna be among the best here. My congratulations!


Hi Patrick!
Amazing Job! Really Great history too!

I love the color balance and height distribution over the shot!
The chinese influence is really interesting too!

Great atmospherics effects! And the ships, are a great piece by it self.

Congratulations my friend!
Arrebentou Patrick! :buttrock:



hey d-3 hope everything is OK with … well u know!
And yeah great pic! really can feel the situation!
congratz … u have ended ur jounrey!


Well done… that’s all good mate… I like the richness of the colors :thumbsup: great mood :bounce:


very nice image, good action shot!