Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


igorstshirts - thanks dude!! i´m thinked a lot about this questiom… but realy I don’t see the need of the feet appear… thanks man!!


cara…parabéns pelo seu trabalho, ta excelente… vou torcer pra vc ai ganhar esta parada, mais um brasileiro no topo!


Great work!

I’d love to see some more varied, dynamic poses in the background figures, something that gives them a personality…

Still, I love the perspective and the Sharkship is beautiful!


Wow. As much as I liked your previous version, this new composition is even more impressive; especially love the hoverships. :thumbsup:
Only thought I have is on the flags; if there was really a “strong” blast of air or wind, as your scene portrays, they’d be moving around a lot more.


VERY NICE COMPOSITING !! I can see lots of stories going on in your single picutre, good job man.
I would suggest more floating or blowing away feel to the flag since your main airship’s turbine is blowing dust around , might as well blow some flags around.


leodan3D - valeu pelo concelho

cgkrusty - thanks man!! i´m like to the perspec and the ship, abouth the soldiers… i´m realy don´t want to put much personality for this guys… meke a litle for the central aliens… heheh

ArtisticVisions - thanks man!! about the turbulence… the ship is far… and not near… because this i´m not distroced the flags… thanks dude

2DragonZ - thanks man, thanks by the suggestion… but the ship is far on ar… heheheh

thanks all!! i will finish this image on next week!!
c ya!!


Hei!! Now it´s growing up a lot the composition with soldiers, I think the last comment tha I had made, forget it!:scream: everything is balance. Another suggestion!:scream: You could to make a comand signal for the middle alien, like a command to attack.:thumbsup:
Amazing work man! you are so fast and with high quality. Great job!


i’m telling you man you’re creating a blockbuster movie. This one has 6 million bucks written all over it! :scream:

But really I can’t fault you on anything. The bg looks a little fake but that’s probably because you haven’t finished it. Everything else looks great!



luciano berutti - thanks dude… about the pose of the midle alien is not ordering to atach… just he trying to dialog hehe this is my intentions… heheh thanks man!!

keetmun - thanks man… realy i´m looking now to the image i´m see litle clean bg… i will make some think on this… thanks man!!

Thanks all… well a introdution for the history for this image!!

In the Year of 2078, a prophecy revealed to the Rulers of the earth, it described a child’s arrival that would destroy the empire and it would free the human race.
Then, th Lord of the war, lord nomed ordered that all of the born children in that period were sacrificed.
He sent their troops to exterminate all of the born children and with the smaller age than a year of life.
Their soldiers wandered for the cities behind that child. Spreading the fear and the intolerance!
A child especially was born in a city called remote meleb, bringing with itself a Divine mark. God’s son!

i hope yous like guys!


fala ae vein, bom sobre as melhorias não tem nem o que falar, acredito q agora é começar a se preocupar mais com a composição, tipow acredito que vc deixando a personagem em primeiro plano, se necesário corta alguma parte do corpo, (naum vejo problema) seria legal, é isso ae ta caminhando pra uma parada legal, manda mais ups ae, t+


valeu cumbrim acho que ela ja esta no local e posição desejado… acho que naum ah tanta necessidade de colocala maior ou mais a frente!! heheh

Valeu mano!!



Ppppplllleeeeeaaassseee :smiley:


hey D-3

i can’t see all your project, but i’m seeing this now… and surprised with all… can’t wait to see finished! :buttrock:



This composition is perfect, and the update of the engine flames is looking very good now. :thumbsup:

Just a suggestion is to change the blue/cyan eyes to other color, the reason is that they look like the same of the engine flames/burst.


thanks all bibinha and todesco

Daniel Pittaluga - thanks man… but i´m tested another colors before, and i´m choice the blue…
thanks man…

i´m writhing a making of, when it finishes I publish. heheeh thanks all
c ya


• HOW COULD I MISSED THIS THREAD?• Awsome Patrick! and you are almost over, I’m glad 4 u :thumbsup:


The latest update is great man… I like your composition :thumbsup:


very good stuff you got there. like the chars and especially the hovercraft/ship. but maybe you should put more detail on the background buildings


hey man, is very nice to see all your progess, is a really good job. unfortunately i has been away so my work is not porgressing, but is dosen’t matter.
good look with your epic escene:scream:


wow!.. thats a killer pick man… love the style… couldnt get a better expression in her face for the sceen…