Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


Heber G Conde - very thanks dude!! hehehe

jddog - thanks man!!

arturro - thanks man!!

banzato - calma velho vc faz 3d e sabe que as coisas demoram pra sairem ainda mais pra ficarem boas kkk
o céu éh azul e pronto kkkk
mas eu rasguei as faixas ok hehehe´

thanks all!!
i´m verry happy!! thanks!


well the final image is coming heheh soon… heheh
another test of composition!! color positions and everythings!! hehe
Thanks all!!
c&C is welcome!


Hello man!!

This render is much better and realistic where show with more details the others objects in the background.

Keep going with this great work.
Everybody is waiting for the final version!!

See u!!


Hey dude…amazing picture… like Luis royo´s artistic lines…

maybe can be a little bit populated… …

General concept is perfect…

Brazil Rulez !



It’s a really great scene. Your art remind me another one I saw in forum.
[font=Arial]It’s interesting the way all 3d and 2d artists are developping their skills. Even in different countries I can see some similarity regarding the art evolution.

Both are amazing! This kind of thing show us the importance of the forum. Today it’s possible to change information to make your art better.



hi!d3 i really enjoy your work very much! dynamic and good story telling , but i think the red flag is too saturate !( for me) i don’t know maybe u are still working on it, good luck !


Hi D-3…great job man!! i think your scene is more dinamic…its better every day…please send more ups…



yes! Amazing job, I agree with Juliano…only one thing that bothers me ,it´s the spaceship tail . it takes off!:thumbsup: Only another suggestion, ok?:scream:

But it´s really nice job!


Wow, forget what I said about the angle this angle is great :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


oh yes, that looks good!

a few things though:

the bg objects, especially the buildings need more detail… I think you just came to it yet…

fg and bg have a different look and tend to seperate…

the yellow dust is a good way to make the transition but maybe you should place some of the blueish color tones of the bg into the fg somehow and test how it looks…

…and good job with the arm looks a lot better now!

keep up … I really like it so far!



Great update man! really amazing! my only crit is the glow of the engines. It’s too dark and too blish. I would make it more white inside, and the bluish “outside”. I hope you get what I mean:thumbsup:


Nice scene composition, I really like the new color scheme. I think the ships and the background buildings add a lot to the composition. Can’t wait until you add some of the soldiers and spider mechs to the composition.


well my image nos is 98% complete… some adjusts and final image will finished! hehehe
Thanks for all, your suport is very important to me!!
realy realy thanks guys!!


This is just awsome! jes, you are very close to reach the highest level!
Only make those red “flags” more dirt…

count me as your fan! What I most like in your scene are emotions and some content behind it:thumbsup:


Blackman - very thanks man!! i´m happy now hehehe

egodoi - thanks man!! well now have some character hehehe

metaballs2000 - wow… thanks man!! thanks by the comparation… but olijosman-nibbledpencil is a master! i´m a only simple guy!!

monsitj - thanks man… i´m realy like of this contrast… but is litle cleam… i´m dusted it… is better i think…

JulianoCastro - thanks man!! thank for the suporte dude!!

Nomad - thanks nomad… ok i´m will forget hehehe

digital_blade - thanks man!! but one important think for me… is this image represente the invasion of a civilian area, no much resistance… and the batle rum on the ground… not in the build or skie… this is my point of view!! thanks man!!!

Dead_Last - thanks man! well now you can see soldiers eheheh alien soldier heheeh

arturro - very very thanks man!! you have a nice eyes and nice sence of critique to me is very important!! realy thanks dude!!

Very thanks to all!!
c ya!!


Do you have any friend ? Do you have girlfriend ? Do you have social life? Are you gay? RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPUTER MAN !

KKKK! Serios! Your job is fantastic man! Congratulations. You really can be the winner!


AlexandroCastro - your $&#@**&@#$@# heheeheh i´m have friends… a have a wonderfull girlfrend… and i´m not gay, dement!! hehehe

thanks man… and i´m don´t will win ok!! may be lemog won!! hehehe
c ya!!


very nice picture! i like it alot!


markovicd. thanks man!! i´m need finish some thinks hehehe



Hey Patrick,

This is pretty bad ass. The composition is very involved.

I’m not sure about cutting the main character at the feet though. I know that the P.O.V. is at an angle shooting up and might be hard to pull off but you still have a lot of time, might be something to think about.