Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


composition test!! i´m realy prefer this colors… but i dont know! hehehe

Comentes & critiques pls
c ya!


o.O…great!! again…the yellow one!



atmosphere look like a little from ghost in the shell innocence :slight_smile:


JulianoCastro - thanks man!! hehe is coming is coming hehehe

-| SeWaN |- thanks man… good!! remember the inocence atmosphere hehe good!!

Thanks guys!!


hello patrick
only thing i can say is to ask if you’re out of your mind!!! heheh, amazing job, and a real chalenge, because of my architectural habits, i am forced to choice the architectural image, lol… but the scene overall its really superb, a huge composition and the most important, a original idea.



Wazza your insane MF japa!!

Thats really awesome!! The scene mood is very dramatic. congratulation smy buddy!As I sad to you off line, I think you could open the camera lens and grow your composition frame for improve the emotion sense of it! U are insane man!!

That´s it!!



As ultimas imagens estão muito poluidas… muito glow e blur. A imagem do background chega ser tão interessante quanto. O filtro de cor esta muito exagerado e prefiro a cor amarelada ao invés da verde. E tambem esta tudo muito apertado, coloca um wide screen ai que vai melhorar, ou então afaste a camera ou mude a lente. KKk A proposito, quando é que vamos ver um render da composição final? Pois é esse ai que interessa. Continue ai, to botando fé agora…falta pouco pra tanto tempo. Good work.


Patrick, just amazing work… congratulations! :scream:

I really don’t know exaclty what it is about your composite that I like, I just feel that it has a very pleasing outcome. I really like the way that you have set up the scene. It’s very touching and strong!
I personally prefer the yellow filter, I just think that it adds more to the mood of the scene.

Onde again, excellent work! Keep it up.

Later :smiley:


silverioneto - thanks man!! i´m trying to do a good final image… im maked inumerous chages of first concept. i tink this new idea is better… hehe

Mobra - thanks man!! i´m insane? no, is impression hehehe
i will try to do this man!! thanks again!!

banzato - Valeu ai mano!! mas a imagem ta em wide?! valeu mano!!

Bibinha - very thanks girl… your feling is very important to me hehe… i can see what the womans think abouth this scene!! thanks

c ya!!


that’s more like it Patrick,…really dramatic!:thumbsup:


Now we are talking! :thumbsup:
It´s really nice color scheme.
It´s grow up a lot! I think that you could make a litlle borken glass because the space ship on the top. kind ofglass pieces falling.


uwil - thanks man!! i will try make a litle more dramatic hehehe

luciano berutti - thanks man!! the idea is make cracked glass for the windows… falling and inumerous another elements hehe
i just need time heheh

Thanks all!!
c ya


keep going!

keep going!

keep going!


i will

i will

i will

hehe thanks taba!!
c ya!


Very nice!

ae mano! muito bom!!! fiquei um bom tempo sem ver a evolução dessa cena, fiquei impressionado com a qualidade, parabens!

como tenho certeza que você vai ganhar esse contest, pode ir c preparando pra paga um lanche do joão, seu forgado kkkk :]

Abração e continua detonando com essa cena!



Wowwwww man!!
The architecture is great!
Esses pilares ficaram insanos seu japa maledeto!!
abraçao bro!!


hey man it’s a great idea and cool update now I wait to see the rest :slight_smile: GL


hey man that escene is very dramatic, that woman whit a baby is a lot expressive. i imagine that moment and is too much scary.
great work:thumbsup:


hey man that escene is very dramatic, that woman whit a baby is a lot expressive. i imagine that moment and is too much scary.
great work:thumbsup:


compostion test and background modeling… i’m think the color is better more constrated and beauty!!
thanks guys!!