Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


i am digging the shoulder missles :smiley:

this is gonna be an AWESOME challenge.


nice looking mecha design there - reminds me of the mecha designs of sparth aka, nicholas bouvier.

keep it up.


this machine is great keep that spirit,i like those men too, waiting for more. :thumbsup:

BTW: how about givving that spider a seperated head.


wow!! the frist WIP hehehe thanks for all coments guys!!
i´m back soon to reply all! ok



That challenge really promises!
Excellent art concept.
I am until imagining the details. :buttrock:

Good Luck!


Nice start and interesting design… !


Very good. I think this contest was created for you. Your work is really good and always in Scifi themes.

Se vc realmente conseguir fazer a cena como vc planejou, vai ficar incrivel. E pelos premios do Contest, acho que incentivo vc tem de sobra. :bounce:


Promissing start! I like your style! :thumbsup:

I´ll be watching you… :smiley:


great start patrick!

looking forward to see more ups :smiley:


Man this is really rocking. Your model so far looks great:thumbsup:


I think the design is great , and im sure the 3d will be great too.



I lik the design of the mech.
However the scene looks a little mundane as far as Space Opera goes.
Maybe a hundred of these things attacking a city or a nations capitol or something would give it the epic feel. Or even these attacking a giant space ship.
just some ideas to push it.
keep up the good work!


Spider mecha up date number 2… gething the form! coments?


hy all… very thanks for the coments… i will work hard to finish this contest… best luck for all

KOryH do u see the frist concept? or just see the second concept? not is just this mecha… have a enviroment and another events runing on my propose!

thanks all!!


Woops Sorry you are WAAAYYYY ahead of me!!!
Great work!


Holy crap! You don’t waste any time do you?:smiley:

Fantastic design.
Thread bookmarked.:love:


Hy all… the modeling is 99% complite… just need some details… and the rig is ok to… next step… add details and textures

thanks… to see my work!
C&C is welcome


:eek: UOW you are fast!!

very good!!!

want to see more!!! more!!!


that model is a really nice design, I may have missed it somewhere, but what software are you using?


fast and furious tabajara!!!.. hehehe

dshelton - thanks dude… i´m using 3ds MAX (6-7) " nice, fast, cool, easy and more " hehehe