Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


melkao - very thanks man!! i´m trying to make a good piece hehe


more monocolor… i´m realy don´t know… hehehe


another color composite test…
well i´m wait the coments… to make a choice… i´m prefer the first!!
thanks guys!!


i prefer the yellow!!..but with a litlle less light

see ya


Nice job!

I personally like the second one… I think it´s a little more realistic, but then… that´s just me! :thumbsup:

Keep it up! :scream:


Wow D3, that is tight! I like all the poses, only want to suggest your lead characters’ left arm either needs its own special light, or the arm needs re-posing. Just a suggestion.
Nice work - it looks like it could be a scene from a sci-fi channel series!



Thanks Juliano and Bibinha!! hehe!!

Daniel McMillan thanks man!! like i say, is just some studes… i´m need repositionation all character… make the light correscpond the enviromente light… and another thiks!!
Very thanks!!

C ya!!


Kinda a silly crit…just something that my eye was drawn towords…the baby dosen’t seem to have any “weight”…seems to be floating in the blanket…dosen’t look to real…and it seems my eye is drawn towords the baby as the “REASON” for the image…does that make any sense at all…maybe not…I’m a bit of a detail freak. :twisted: …perhaps you have already attended to this of have a plan … I haven’t read back that many pages…It just caught my eye is all…peaCE)) :wink:


Hi there Patrick!
Personalie i prefer the third version, cause it is the most dramatic IMO, it is brighter then the other renders, has more color in it and that gives it something like befor death sense, like shes being shot down and falls dead, and then the camera looks to the floor and brightens it all up, dunno, i would go with that one, but thats just my opinion.
The second render is kinda oldish look, like loking into B&W photography, its not the right mood IMO.
And the first render has too much of the gonden look, just dunno…
Eitherway, thumbs up! Excellent job!


First, i have to say that this is certainly one of the best entries i have seen so far…:slight_smile: but i have a suggestion to make…
As it is you have an indoors scene with something significant happening, which is very nice with the jets outside, but does it give a sense of the scale of whats happening? a suggestion that you could consider is having some sort of wide window showing the battle outside or even having them partially out of an entrance with a huge battle further away. this i think may give a bigger sense of scale to the scene and maybe make it all the more significant if you show that the whole battle is for the baby? Just an idea because atm it feels sort of small if you see what i mean? But keep going i love the models and the progress your making :D…I hope this suggestion is ok…


i like your style.
The scene seem nice, but when i see the first sketch, i prefer this because the GSO is really in.
the last you present seem to me a little bit to closed, without a contrast range.
That s all. But, sure, you are one of the best maxman i ever seen !
Bye and good luck.
The design is nearly the “Final Fantasy Movie” SPIRIT WITHIN

The force be with you.


well u got some really nice renders here… if u aask me i would have to go with the third one… the more color the better… btw i think ur hurting the image by making it over contrast… anyways this is looking awesome just tweak more to give it the perfection u want… :thumbsup: best of luck


Hi Patrick, great scene…
i prefer the yellow to…


Thank you for the comments.
I am very thankful. but really I prefer the scene inside of a building. powders believe that the largest events than they would decide or no a war would be inside of a building. and never in the battlefield.
In some images not of the to notice but the building has the whole glass roof. that can show the whole events that are happening out.
To A lot what to still be done. I hope to finish the whole work soon.
thank you very much to all.


hey man… gr8! just gr8!..
well i would try yellow color rather then blue… :slight_smile:


markovicd. thanks dude!! i will try to make some tests… c ya!


hi Patrick, i like the last mono… but with less brightness… the brightness is kinda eating all the detail on the scene, but otherwise there’s killer action going on…keep up:thumbsup:


uwil - thanks man… i will stude more the color, light and composition… thanks man!!
c ya!!


just a quick render to show the models of the background!!


composite test and color…