Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


-| SeWaN |- Veru thanks friend… but i prefer woman… ok… heheheeh

VHashishV - thanks man!! but like i´m say… this is a previz, a litle test hehehe i´m need to model more stuff/including civilians,background, builds, cars inumerous thinks hehehe
after this i will positioning all models in diferent poses bla bla bla… heheh

Thanks man!!
c ya


ow yes… i´m forget something hehehe i´m recorded de modeling of the baby… if some one have interest?
is aprox 1 hour of video/ 75 mb winrar! click on the image to download!

Thanks all!


:bounce: Great Work!!! I feel sorry for that baby though!!

And the video… thanks!!! Amazing modeling!! I learned a lot!! :cool:

Keep it up! Don’t give up!!:smiley:


Great, amazing, cool, incredible, your work is excelent. CONCGRATULATIONS

Snake Farlow.


Scary baby…but the overall scene looks fantastic, got that kickass feel…



Thanks Guys!!

Bibinha - thanks girl for the motivation!!

SnakeFarlow - thanks man… what i can say?! very thanks hehehe

keetmun - thanks man… scary baby? this screenshot not is the finished baby…hehehe i will try post today man to you see hheheheh

Thanks all!!


hi its wonder full


falcon_time - Thanks man!!
i´m need to work more 50year on this to make this realy wonderfull hehehe

Thanks guys… updates soon!!


How are you going my friend…probably tired, right ? :thumbsup:

You are doing a great job with all these character Patrick! The warrior with the baby were also great, with this beauty envoriment gets amazing! :eek:

I still can´t see where in the hole image this piece will appear, in fact there is so much details in your job that each light study look like the final shot to me! I´m really liking the atmospheric effects that you are creating in each core of the shot, and I´m willing to see the final composition - or it´s fist studies.

I´ve saw the alien with holes in the cheeks too! Great tip and example of what wrap deformation can do! Not to mention the interesting “beautifull” modeling.

Keep going man!
Abraço Patricão!


DAmn amazing stuff
nothing to crit really


nice composite so far dude!

one thing that bothers me a bit though is her right hand and the way she holds the gun… somehow just doesn’t look natural…

try different angles for her arm…play a little with it to get a better look…

have fun…


reallu stunning work man :bowdown:


Awesome modeling and compositioning. I agree with what was said about each shot looking like it could be the final image, because you did a great job on all of them. I really like the latest image. Personally, I like the color composition of the second-to-last image the most. However, in terms of overall composition, I like the last one the most. Great job, can’t wait to see more updates.


just the top view of main flor


the concept for the arcs and coluns of main room… more ups soon… sorry by the slowly…

and thanks for all!!
c ya


Heber G Conde - what i can say for you man?. realy realy thanks by the incentive!!

d-tox - thanks man… but crits is welcome hehe

digital_blade - very thanks man… like i´m say in another replys this just a test… i´m working on this… not is finished… hehe tanks

jddog - thanks again man!!

Dead_Last - very thanks man! i´m realy studing the composition/color/lighting for the final image… this time, is time to xprementations hehehe

I really hope to correspond the expectation of all the ones that are congratulating me and motivating my work!
Thank you very much of heart!


Hi Haraguti heheh

:applause: Ah Mulekkkkkkkkkkkke tá mandando bem veio, arrebentou mano, o cenario ficou animal mesmo, Congratulations good work :applause:

Sorry my bad english !

Abraços :thumbsup:


Valeu uchimata!! espero que saia algo bom desse contest!!

Thanks all!!
c ya


hey man , your work looks better everytime.Congratulations.
I like the expression of the face’s woman:thumbsup:


modeling of the mainroon/ coluns/ arcs… a lithe light and composition test…
color style001