Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


hoo+WooW: it’s crazy, it’s amazing, it’s beautiful… :applause: wonerful work !!!


wow+awsome… u are 10 steps in front of us all…! i can see where this is going!


:thumbsup: Great stuf Great Progress:thumbsup:
And i like a lot the sketsh with warrior woman and baby VERY emotional.


good luck in the competition!

you sure are pretty fast…
I definetly don’t want to cross the way of them spiders…!

mostly I like the golden look of the spaceship behind your female warrior…nice armor by the way…

your male soldier looks very good! the textures make it clear, that this one did some fighting already…and obviously won…

I look forward to your progress…


Good work. Nice alien


Hi, things are looking great. She’s coming along nicely. I’d work on her pose a bit though. I see where you’re going with it but it needs some work…but you probably know that already. peace and good luck


hello guys… i’m modeled a baby today. the warrior and the baby is finished! now i need to finishi another models… and work in the final image!
Vaery thanks!!


Hey my friend!!

very very nice composition! I’ve really liked!

keep going!


great render Patrick…amazing job!!..keep up the good work!

see ya


SnakeFarlow - thanks man, thi´s imagens not is the final composition… ios just to show the model… heheh is more cool!! heheh

keetmun - very thanks man!! hehehe

jddog - thanks man!! heehe

markovicd. thanks man… i will start to work in the final concept/image soon hehehe

SUN - thanks man!! now u can see the baby hehehe

digital_blade - very thanks man!!

macoD - thanks man… but maybe i dont use the alien… i don´t know …

HieSpike - thanks man

tabajara - thanks friend!! hehehe brazilian power kkeheheheheh

JulianoCastro - thanks dude!!

thanks for all!!
c ya!!


Yeah… what to say… simply :buttrock:… I can only add that in my opinion a one more blurred ship in the distance and a few more blurred troopers in the background would do good to this scene:) . And as your finished warrior with the baby is concerned, I would only move the elbow of the arm with the gon more to the back. It’s a bit unnaturally in the front.
Great job! Nice to see someone jumping with a grand steps to the final image:thumbsup:


Cara eu nao gostei muito do pano que envolve o bebe nao…

Ta muito duro, da mais uma amassadas nele…



Hi Patrick.
Now that image just rocks, really really great, dramatic, dinamic, the blur and everything is just awesome! Cant wait to see Your final image, thumbs up!!!


Wow :eek: , extremely impressive stuff here! It reminds me a litte bit “Final Fantasy Spirits Within” for the soldiers & spaceships… many manga influences…

Great work :thumbsup:


Hi Patrick,

Are you kidding, man? I mean, 5 pages?! That’s great!

What can I say… your project seems great, from the beginning. The sketches are so cool and the models, lights, textures. Everything seems very, very good.

Besides, I like the fact that you focused not only on creating high-quality visuals, but also an interesting context; a interesting scene. It seems you have imagined a whole movie before that, and you’re now showing us the final scene…

Just one question: what did you use to make the clouds? Is it volumetric? Are you using only 3DMax or also another software? Just curious…

Great job. I mean it. Keep it up, man.


Helder Conde
Atitude Digital Media


I love the monkey-like features you gave the troops behind the girl. It works well with the way you designed them. The out-of-focus ship looks good, too. I would like to see an in-focus version of that, too. Excellent work!!


this image is a pre-viz of background and composite of final scene… i´m working on this… i need to move she more to the center.
well is this
Thanks guys!!


:drool:i love u man :slight_smile:


arturro - thanks dude!! i will fix the pose of warrior soon… heheh very thanks man!!

MadnesS - valeu ai mano… vo tentar dar um tapa!!!

Kaksht - very thanks man!! i realy working to do a good final image!!

Nomad - thanks man!! i like much of anime and manga man!! thanks by the comparasion hehehe

HelderConde - thanks Helder!! yes i´m imaginated a litle histori to make this scene… but i don´t say now hehehe
For the clouds, i´m using a plugin. afterbunner… is very very good pluglin!!
Man very thanks

todd4cgi - thansk man!! i will try your sugestion!!

thanks all!!


Looks sweet. The spider like mechs are like from “Ghosts in a shell”?

The only thing I would think is a little strange, All the troops look like the same. Like the same as in movement, defining insignea holding the gun the same way. even like mirrior one or 2 to give the look like some are left handed to brake up that confusion.
the three group of 3 troops are the same.