Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


another test… hehehe
i´m back later to reply all!!


hi D-3

great render…
one thing…the lower parts are less rusted than the upper members…its looks a brand new armature…

see ya


great job d-3! It´s amazing to see so many details just for a single of many elements in your opera!



thanks guys!!!

JR.BRAZ - very thanks dude!!!

keetmun - thanks man!! about the cross-eyes… is look like hehehehe

lehmi - thanks man… about the blood not is scars… is splashed blood hehehe

MadnesS - valeu mano… vou ver isso mais pra frente… ainda preciso modelar algumas coisas…

mecman - do you hate me your bastard!! hehehehe thanks dude!!!

OKMER - very thanks man!! and yes the girl is young. is intentional hehe thanks again man!!

Heber G Conde - thanks dude!!

Deadly Force - thanks man!! the head is a currecly proportion… in another views… maybe is because the perspective angle… i don´t know hehehe

JulianoCastro - thanks man!! i will see this… thanks!!!

AlexandroCastro - thanks man!! the detail make the diference… or not hehehehe!!!

thanks all!!


woa! that looks too much better, is great that model, and now i understand why you was’nt agree with me about the blood.
great work:thumbsup:


Not much to say really… just amazing work!! :thumbsup:

Congratulations! Keep it up! :bounce:


melkao - Very thanks dude!!

Bibinha - thanks again!!!

Very Thanks!!!
well i discovered a great tip´s to control hi-poly (face) easy - on max7 only!! hehehe

don´t have anything with this thread but!! hehehe

pls see this thread guys!!


Oh boy, this is absolutely awesome!
can’t wait to see more stuff from you and catch a glimpse on the final compo :slight_smile:

keep that up m8, such work is making me really love this contest!!


Alô Patrick!

Some great stuff you’ve got going here… my only crit is that some of your shading still looks a bit plastic, imho you should spread the specular highlights a bit or use dim reflections instead…

Diffuse level for metal also works wonders, you can get it in the anisotropic and multi-layer shaders in MAX. A falloff map here really helps to mimic the behaviour of most metalic surfaces that tend to be darker around the edges and brighter in the centre… you can also achieve this by simply using a falloff mask in the diffuse channel…

Also, for the skin try to use a falloff map on the self-ilumination channel and copy a darker, more saturated version of your diffuse map into the “shadow” slot, in the “shadow-light” mode… keep the bright slot full black. This helps you get that sub-surface scattering feel… cheap, but effective!

Hope this helps, keep up the great work here :thumbsup:


beatifull render i like very much this characther and i liked and your concept design this is going to be a great scene :thumbsup:


That warrior rendering looks cool… and the wallpaper is nice :slight_smile: Moooore mooore :slight_smile: Keep it up mate


The last warrior image looks very good! :thumbsup:
Also your tip on controlling hi-poly is also :thumbsup: (you surely think that I have a BIIIG thumb! :smiley: ), currently working on 6 and still learning this version’s new stuff…but when it comes to face morph targets I’ll surely try to make something similar…

Keep it up! :slight_smile:


very thanks guys!!
AcidX - thanks man… i will returm to make this project today hehehe

Rui_Padinha - thanks man! thanks by the help. i will work on shade/texture after… i´m need to finish the models heheh very thanks

Lelantos - thanks man. i´m trying to make the best possible heheh i´m liked the concept to hehehe

Borro - thanks man!! and wait wait hehehe… i will retur to make more stuff today heheh

terraarc - thanks man!! and one pont… get the 3ds max7… is much better them max6
nice tips i think… heheh

the last test of control hi-faces
now i´m back to this project “grand space opera” hehehehe

Render Animation



Hey Patrick!!!

I’m impressed with the amount of models that you already have built for this challenge! I love the style and I can see that your organic modeling is 100% better! Great textures too! Keep it up and I’m looking forward to see the final result!

See ya!


well she is done hehehe
i’m maked the gun only… heheh
thaks all…


Hy dear friend… is a long time at the last comunications no hehehe
Fausto Very thanks i´m your fan dude!!!and you know hehehe
man i waithing your returns hehe
best luck man!!

c ya


hey patrick…great render…i think this job will be one of the best…


see ya


JulianoCastro - very thanks man!! the render/color/light looks beter…
“i think this job will be one of the best…” uhmm i don´t know man!! i´m making because is a good theme, and i´m like so much the hi-tech things hehehe
Thanks dude!!!
c ya!!


Only one thing. Take that soldier out of the center, you will see that either left or rigth it will be better to your composition.

Snake Farlow. the rogue.


whoaooow…that’s just sick man, you just made a doom3 monster! top class…Nothing wrong with your model