Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


just the modeling of helmet for she… i’m back soon to reply all!! ok
Thanks and sorry for the slowly hehe
C ya!


Hello man!!

Sorry to take a long time to answer.

The model is really great and the expression is showing how scary she is.

About the texture its well done but i think it would be better with the final model to have a better notion with the colors and details.

Keep the great work!!



I just posted right now.

As i said,with the environment,the texture and the model expression is looking much better.

Mete Bronca!!


Só fazendo volume aqui nos posts… kkkkkk

Mas ta cruel d+

Congratulations and go on brother!

C ya! :wink:


Deadly Force - thanks dude… i´m realy need to take a time to make a good concept… to represent my intentions!! thanks man!!

todesco - thanks dude!!

mr_carl - thanks man!! and don´t scare… is all fake hehehe

pBarrelas- thanks dude!! i´m igree the face alone is not cool… hehehe what u think about this helmet?

overcontrast - thanks man!! i fixed some problens (i think yes) hehe i´m focus my priority on the modeling… i fixx texture and light soon as possible heheh

terraarc - thanks man!!

melkao - thanks man!! i´m igree about the dark, but the blood?!

Blackman - thanks man!!

FR3D- thanks to man!!

Well thanks all!!
c ya!!


Cara to com preguisa de escrever em ingles… hehehehe!!!

Como eu tinha dito, gostei muito do SSS fake que vc fez…

mas o que eu posso falar contra é que os cilios estão muito duros e grossos mas como ela vai aprecer meio distante talvez isso pouco importe…


just the wireframe


i can tell that some of the textures here are of course bitmaps (or whatever) but how much if this is prodecural like you did on the spider thing? just a curiosity thing, still looking quite good dude.


stork - hy and thanks man!! for this model all textures is bitmaps painted, some layer is photography like dirt maps!

thanks man!

the soldier/sharkship and spider is “full” procedural! “full = 80%, i have bitmap im some channels, i thinkg”

c ya!


You are really working on it. Congratulations good job.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.
Maybe you cold give me some advices and tips.


Whoa, it’s a movie! When’s it going to be released? heheh…The main character model has a nice style to it, not very realistic but yet quite believable, though I felt the the excessive dirt does make her look a bit zombie-like.

Question, how did you create that kickass, movie-like feel! Is it some kind of post effect?

nice stuff!


Hey there Patrick, nice modeling and texturing there, thumbs up! Only crit is that the scars on the face need a little displacement and the eyebrows need a little shag hair or just splines of some kind, just not to be so flat.


Like I have said before and I agree with Kaksht, those scars need volume, man, otherwise they look like painting dirt.

Rock on!:buttrock:


Well Patrick, the face with the helmet its better but i think that the helmet could be bigger like the one that you draw in the concept sketch!!


Patrick, blz!

As texturas estão ficando duka, e essa garota não é nada baozinha, cara essa cena tá ficando massa parabéns!



damn’ great, man!:buttrock: Looks fantastic - maybe the eyes are a little bit too …wooden???

Pls don’t misunderstood me - only a little tweaking with the white texture on the eye…the veins are looking like some kind of wooden structure imho…

Anyway - still a pleasure to look at…Keep it on,mate!:thumbsup:


Hey D3 my friend! This work is fantastic!
The machines are stunning! and this girl is becoming great too!
Wish you the best in this challenge!

Manda bala rapaz, ferro neles! hahaha


SnakeFarlow - thanks man!!

keetmun - wow thanks man!! to be released? may be never hehehe, not is very realistic, i need some years to do more realist, like work 3 months in a unique character hehehe
the aspect of the image is very pos produced man… color correction/grain/lights like glow and inumerous thinks!
i will try show this process soon!! ok!! thanks man!

Kaksht - thanks man!! but the blood in the face not is scar, is splashed blood of another soldier or died people hehehe
about the eyesbrows i don´t know… if she need i will do… i´m looking the dstance of camera, and i´m think she don´t need… hehehe

high - thanks man!! hehehe

pBarrelas - hy dude!! thanks for the coment… about the helmet well look only the 3d hehe my sketch is just to reference. hehehhe

metaballs2000 - Fala mano! Valeu pelos comentarios cara!! to trampando pra tentar deixar essa cena bacana!! Valeu mano!

Saschi0815 - thanks man!! i will look to this!! thanks !!

Mecman- what i can say?? Thanks dude! hehehehe



portuguese, sory :sad:

hey d-3, parabéns pelo contest, esta ficando muito show.

Eu to com um pouco de dificuldade de visualizar a cena final, Não sei criticar o trabalho com muita clareza. Se for uma mega cena , e a mulher for mais um ítem , então ela ta muito boa.

Mas se for um contest só de modelagem de mulher, talvez falte algo pra ela ser a campeão. Como eu não to conseguindo ver o geral , fico meio perdido. mas você esta de parabéns, criou todo um universo!!!

Da até pena se depois, ele não tiver continuidade.

Parabéns pelo trabalho na space opera. Estou sempre acompanhando. Força sempre.


modeling and texture for the armor…
i will try to finishi this gril in this week!! i’m need modeling another elementes… work d-3 work man!!!
c&c is welcome!! thanks guys