Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Patrick A. Haraguti


Patrick A. Haraguti has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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In the Year of 2078, a prophecy revealed to the Rulers of the earth, it described a child’s arrival that would destroy the empire and it would free the human race.
Then, th Lord of the war, lord nomed ordered that all of the born children in that period were sacrificed.
He sent their troops to exterminate all of the born children and with the smaller age than a year of life.
Their soldiers wandered for the cities behind that child. Spreading the fear and the intolerance!
A child especially was born in a city called remote meleb, bringing with itself a Divine mark. God’s son!

Thanks All!!!
Best luck for all :slight_smile:


This is the frist raph… the idea is pass the last minutes of a spacewars…
no chance to victory… mabe no chance to survive…
that is!!

C&C is welcome

thanks guys!!


good luck!

É isso ae… mostra a força que o brasil tem.


good luck!
Explain to us more about your idea.


well explain… to hard… my english is very por… hehehe

well in the background is a War… on the city… very damaged city… in the skye i will put the biger mother ship fallen… and anoder ships in batle…

in the second plane “bridge” a terrain conflict come in… a litle massive batle

in the frist plane on left the “sacerdot” abandoning the peoples, and forgeting your crence… in the right a died soldier represent the fall…

not in image. the “gril” comander calling your squadrom to runaway, to scape of eminet die!

this is my idea… sorry for my english


Wow promise a real epic image !!!


thanks man. i want to see your work to!

thanks and best luck


I can tell only from the sketch that this is realy going to be interesting loking forward to se the development on this one.

Good luck.


Hey patrick, it seems to be a great image.
I liked the sacerdots. they really looks like unbelievers.
Really cool :thumbsup:


delete duplicate


delete duplicate


Great idea, I’m very interess in this work.
Sorry, my english is very por…

Good Luck!


amazing, this image looks like story, real opera,

keep up Patrick.


good luck!!


Hysteria I’m loving it!:applause:

I really can’t wait to see how this turns out good luck!


[color=white]This is the concept I created for a mecha spider, which will be inte the “bridge” part of my scene. There’s not much to say about it… it’s just a battle tank. This mini-scene is one of the few that will be composing my final scene.

thanks C&C is Welcome


Great concept art! :bounce:

Love the whole scene and the whole story behind it. Great conflicts going on from various points of view…

Looking forward to see more ups about the other layers of the scenary.

Best of Luck! :thumbsup:


great concept!!! i lke this batlle tank a lot :smiley:

it will be a great scene with great models :wink:


hey, that´s a cool mecha! it reminds me of one in ghost in the shell, (the old one…) but this one looks more aggresive, i like it, i really wouldn´t like to be one of those poor soldiers…

good luck in the challenge!!


Good luck cool idea:thumbsup: