Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Panu Uomala


Squibbit: Man, you ain’t kidding… :slight_smile:


I was just flipping through your thread, and I have to say your idea is simply amazing. I luv all the models your producing, especially the squirrl. Seems your putting in alot of great details into your scene.Good job.

Btw I like how you added the comments in your sketches…very funny!:applause:


Beautiful work. Keep at it Panu. Have a wonderful new year! :slight_smile:


this is totally a test scene with default
lighting , no shadows , and sky borrowed
from .
just once again putting all things built
so far in one pic and witnessing the horror
of it …

PS. to those who know the birds in the pic
are a failed attempt to duplicate Dimi’s
sparrow fighters; once built they instantly
took off without their pilots and headed
… imagine that

PPS. this is special to the squirrel fans , it
sits on top of Ms.Butterfinger’s head on the
middle-left of pic


Coming along nicely. You have a strange almost squibish approach to things… :wink:


final view locked ,hehe , funny how many details
get lost in the final pic

gotta have to draw a better concept next
time … . .

still to come , burning, falling spaceships by the numbers

and of course wonderful lighting effects
that bring tears (whichever) to your eyezz :slight_smile:


Cool update. Keep it up Panu!



Your picture turns out great. May be bring Ms. Butterfinger a little bit more to the foreground. I hardly can see the main actor (Mr. Squirrel) of your scene. :scream:



May be bring Ms. Butterfinger a little bit more to the foreground

umm… maybe if i get the time to texture her better :stuck_out_tongue:


yea ok those are not the final ships…

also, the rising sun somehow fails to create any
noticeable shadows… which is always

otherwise i think got enough time to get
this done… yay


You’ll be happy to know that your Space Invaders picture caused me to laugh out loud, squirting a little coffee onto my keyboard. Nice work!


hah, yea somebody already said “forget the 3D ships, just make a poster out of that one”


WAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA …this is so Great ! :bounce: Space Invaders…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


:applause: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :smiley: :smiley: clever!


… ok the setup in all its magnificence…
there’s 2 lights…umm…trees…chhtthh…
this is my first 3D scene so it is allowed
to look like that too ! and there’s of
course the compulsory 250k faces, all
cleverly hidden from sight … and a squirrel


haha! i said there was lights but they be
as well hidden as the polys

now… might be still done something to
this poor render, there be milestone


coating thingamajik …


dat’s it

enjoy if u do !


Hurraahh for 5D…I like it, no wabbits :smiley:

Still think that space invaders version is a classic as well :bounce:


Great job squibbit, I am glad you finished. Good luck on the voting