Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Panu Uomala


just a quick texturing update , nothing much new really , this thing’s
really taking time :slight_smile:


i like the polygonal look of the engines






Thx for commenting my Satan Claus avatar. Probably should have spend the time, working on the challenge, but I´m a people pleaser, you know; If people says “grow a beard”, so I do…

Nice update, should make the wizard feel at home. He´s well suplied anyway, doesn´t have to leave his beloved platform. Maybe a little cold up there…-but his hat should keep him warm, so who cares.

Could you please come to my entry for a quick visit, need some advice (have become “quality” blind, and need some external opinions)


oh, btw:

Trees drop the leaves at winter to save energy. The sun energy(which the leaves is designed to get(see photosynthesis elsewhere)), is less than the energy, the tree must use to keep the leaves. So it drops them.


hey thanks for dropping by , I did forget the heating issue.
I had planned to put a flaming trash barrel on the platform.
I hope I will remember to add it now :thumbsup:

( yea and that pic with the elves was just an xmas bonus,
haven’t really decided the season for the pic yet)


Your last update looked great, and I see you still havent loss your sense of humor (chinese food and coke are everywhere, even in your thread:eek: ).


lil closeup on the control platform…
the camo nets and other textures are not final… almost,tho

next I’m gonna put the wizard himself
together and then…uugh…build the planet and the spaceships… :slight_smile:


Excellent progress!
Hope to see the other stages!:slight_smile:


and so that christmas wizard hippylol was born and it was a moment of beauty
and great magik !!


Strange fellow that wizard of yours…:slight_smile:
Merry christmas !


yea n he still needs a bit tuning… needs to have more rugged , crazy , cooler look :slight_smile:

next I’m gonna try and put all the pieces of the scene together , tho , so I only
need to tune up stuff after that and not model or texture anything new anymore…

dats the plan anyways :slight_smile:


• Beautifull work, it remembers me of Half Life, great job Squibbit
• Your Wizzard give me the creeps, but Happy new year to you too :smiley:


ow nice stuff
well done:thumbsup:


…Indeed man…it has a Half-Life feeling to it :thumbsup: :bounce:


hey if it’s anywhere within a hundred miles of half-life or fallout I’m all smiles so thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing work man, I laughed so hard on your nudity reply.



You r really the concept master of all times! :slight_smile: The modelling work looks really good. Keep it up! You already got so good thing going on that I cant give any hints or critic!




If there was an award for the funniest thread you’d surely be the winner! And there really should be… It’s always nice to see someone spice hard work with a bit of humour, makes us all realize that we’re supposed to really have fun with it :slight_smile:

Sometimes we get entangled in the if’s and what’s and tend to take things too seriously which in the end isn’t helpful at all, so thanks for the reminder :thumbsup:

Btw… I think you might have heard this already but… Good job with the squirrel :applause:

Cheers mate and keep up the good spirit and the good work…


hey u think it’s fun go check out the 2D work too :slight_smile:

btw I just viewed Comix and that’s some work , too !! any other projects comin up ?