Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Panu Uomala


climax- I have homepage space that came with my internet connection. I use it to upload
images there and then link them here . I only got it recently though , before that,
I’ve had friends to post my pics on their sites , so very big thanks to : harnelbe,
phase1 and manfex for image hosting !

if u want more details on this send me a private message and I’ll tell u what i know


Hi there, thx for the kind words, actually checked your machineflesh thread some weeks ago, most impressive. I don´t think I realized how crazy you are at that time. And fast!!! I, myself, is mainly a 2D artist, but can´t find the time, you obviously has found, to work in both areas for this challenge. So I chose 3D to really learn something new. But you can do it both!!! -and are very good in both areas. Kinds of makes me flattered, you took the time to comment my work…almost tears now…hard to write more, fingers shaaaaking.

Anyways, fun presentation and great skills:thumbsup:


I’m not really fast, I just put all my time into this … I barely get to sleep :smiley:


This is really a wonderful thread! Cool characters and the way they comment themselves… hilarious - keep it up:)


Keep on this sleepless life, the outcome is great. As long as I don´t have to watch the outwarn face you must carry around, only your great pieces…I don´t care:)


did post that once u know, in my 2d thread … only got a careful ‘is that u?’ from it,
so i dare not repeat the trick in fear of damaging any more visual organs , hehe


Hiya there, is an exelent work you have here… is quite different from everything I have been able to see around the forum. Just passed by to say good work!



great stuf crazy concepts really lovit:thumbsup:
cant wait for more :bounce:


very nice concept man it’s cool modeled wish ya luck and take care :slight_smile: CIAO


And if you look real closely , you can see them playing with tiny snowballs… :slight_smile:


You are totally nuts! And you know that’s a compliment from me:D


“giggle…giggle giggle”

chuckle chuckle :smiley:


uhm, nice ladies…now, go get some sleep, too many giggles imo.


hey Kragh , nice to see you in the christmas spirit too! cool hat n beard :slight_smile:


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“giggle…giggle giggle”
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Nutty …nutty …nutty

:scream: :bounce: :scream:


yes… this is pretty much where I am
at the moment… still so much to do…

hope u like it , even tho there’s not
much new there :slight_smile:



Glad to see you finally got some nudity in there as well.


lol , yea , was a bit worried at first how it would be recieved :slight_smile:


You never know… maybe some of the Ents on this board might take offense.


yea right