Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Panu Uomala


Jou did it, winged man… :twisted:.

Hyvä Joulua!


wha? did what ? huh ? :surprised

oh and

Hyvää Joulua
to u too :slight_smile:


I kinda forgot there that I have to texturize all this…ugh…we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:


Very nice:thumbsup: but maybe some kind of balustrade on the top would be not a stupid idea, because it’s easy to fall from there… and as I can see if you fall, there will be a big distance to make to reach ground… it may be cool, but when you see the comeing death for a long time, you can get a heart attack!


lol , yea but u forget Hippylol’s a wizard and he knows feather fall spell among others :slight_smile:

(he got safety rope)


I meant using hat on your head…

Scene is heating up. Who pays for electricity?


hi Panu…
you’re making here some amazing stuff! :thumbsup:
i wish i had quarter or even less of your creativness and imagination!
untill later and cheers… :beer:


tikson - yea I guessed :slight_smile: and look, greentek’s with the christmas outfit too , lol

        The planet's got electricity plenty enough , you just have to harness it -

which the magnet towers do - and afterall, there’s only Wizard Hippylol , his robots
and devices and a squirrel or two on the planet :slight_smile:

greentek - thanks, buddy ! It’s really a bit strange…I never used much photo reference or
tutorials, just relied on imagination…can be mighty difficult in bad times…but
I guess that’s how it’s easier to come up with stuff.
I always play around with what people say or do and that often gives me new ideas. Most of the ‘new’ ideas are old and used or stupid , but there’s a pearl or two there evety now and
then and those might end up as concept sketches.
So next time you see someone making a pic or hear someone speaking of something, whatever it is, give it a hat , a couple of extra legs , think of how it manages to live
between the treebark and the tree and make it , let’s say yellowish black and you
have some idea of how i develop these stories :slight_smile:



thanks for clear explanation Panu…!
really useful and helpful ideas my friend…!
cheers… :beer:


hey squibbit, nice going man… the control platform looks great… i suggest u put more stuff over it, like some weapons or some more control devices, computers and stuff… more wires are always cool… just some suggestions… btw ur progress is very good… keep up the good works :thumbsup:


yea i know , I decided to put more details if i got the time and concentrate on the pic
as a whole so i get it finished.

and , lol , man…dat avatar…take it easy dude …


Awrightie - love those stairs. There’s something great about really dangerous buildings… always tend to make things more interesting :cool:


really dangerous,huh ? u not trusting my stairmanship, hmm? :curious:


Er… nope. :smiley:


well inside that mist ,they currently do end up in mid air… :rolleyes:


Quod erat demonstrandum


Oh stop showing off, you don’t really know what it means anyway :rolleyes:



Mwaaahaaa! It’s like they say: for me to know and for you to find out :wise:


Nice concept images and models you have here, love the funny comments too. Can’t wait to see more:bounce: .


Hello Squibbit, First, I took a rapid look to your thread and i like the overall idea the control plataform looks interesting, Keep The hard work and post more :thumbsup:

Other thing…How do you upload those funny pics in other threads? I suppose externaly but, where are they actually ?, this may sound like an stupid question, but I don’t know how to :shrug:

Anyway! good luck in the Challenge, I’ll come more often to see your progress :slight_smile: