Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Panu Uomala


Here da squirriel !

ps. it’s non-water resistant paint :slight_smile:


Finally a squirrel! I’m so happy :smiley: And a good one it is too!


waaaaa? u got a squrral!! hey please dont kill it in ur scene!! man this thread is gettin wacky!!!.. rock on peepz!!


Hi there… what to say… you’re crazy dude:bounce: and I like it:buttrock: Nice to see someone who takes so much pleasure out of this challange:thumbsup:



gasp sigh

must… try… not… to… loose mind…

must… breathe… gasp

OH BOY! I really love the presentation here!
Even if you shouldn’t win this contest, you should earn a huge creativity&humor-Award! :smiley:

This stuff is fancy, geeky and amazing, keep that up mate :buttrock:


still so rookie… takes an eternity to
model these…ungh…spin spin… :slight_smile:


Man, you are on a ramdom rollercoaster from nowhere to somewhere and back. Are you alright there? Funny though…real funny. good night.:shrug:


:scream: :twisted: :thumbsup: :applause: :smiley: PERIOD.


yes , the wizard’s sceptre !


umm … huh , HieSpike , randow rollercoaster ?? No way , buddy !!! every
piece is part of original concept , all you need is to pay attention !!


not only a nice one …but also u made someone happy in here …he is asking for a descent squirrel since last challenge :scream:


:smiley: :buttrock: :cool: :applause:

Hm… every minute that passes by gets this whole thing closer to an unavoidable electro shock therapy… Have you tried de-caf coffee yet, Squibbit thingy?


no de-caf , no coke light , no mercy


Go on Squibbit! Your pictures are really funny, but I don’t really get your idea yet. Is it really 5d? Then I don’t even try… :scream:
I feel that will be real masterpiece if you can solve your idea with great humoristic approach. Who said that opera can not be funny, eh?? Nor space opera then…

Keep on Squibbit, but do not lose your mind. It is very easy if you have to choose between different dimensions :thumbsup:.


not u too… urgh… well , maybe the concept sketch was a little
obscure… better fix dat… laters :slight_smile:


k so i make this explanatory beauty to
clarify the wholeness and what happens ?

stoopid text is so small and jpeg blurry
you can’t even read it !! sigh
might as well put it upside down now


You’re creazy! and I like it:beer:


Yeah… I think I’m going to get it. Thanks, Squibbit.

It seems that you have just overwhelming fantasy. Be careful… boiling brain is one of the sweetest thing, man can have. Cover you head with HAT - especially in winter.


Oh, it all makes sense now! Er… :rolleyes: :smiley:


Man this is some trippy stuff you have going on here. I will keep a close eye on it to see exactly what comes from this. Very interesting work. The modeling and texturing on the squirrel is great. Just remember squirrels are plotting to take over the world. And the answer to the question what is the meaning of life is…