Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Panu Uomala


o yesh , yet to come : more ships ,
computers ,wizard Hippylol , terrain , etc.

hmm…this gonna take more time than I thought…


Wow! Your like staying with one thing and folowing through . . . looks great so far. not a 3D man and never used any software so have not got any expertise to crit but your ideas are great . . . and presentation of each update fantastic. Your little dsroids are fun! Love your 2D thread too!


Everything you have done so far is great!! I’m amazed! :stuck_out_tongue: the big ship is pretty nice! keep it on! i’ll be back :smiley:


Mhaha, love your presentations :thumbsup: Gives a great moode :slight_smile:

Great modeling, but i dont like the textures very much, the ship looks like it is all rustie and old like space it self :slight_smile: Just a crit.


If they’re seeing fishing rods, maybe they are dangerously close to an ongoing invasion on El Fluffo :eek:


o if u read the concept for this they’re pretty much doomed anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


:eek: wow always very cool and funny concepts you have!!! :thumbsup: those electro pillars reminds me the “tesla coil” from Command and conquer! :stuck_out_tongue:
keep rocking man!! :buttrock:


I can’t believe it ! You’re absolutely
right ! She’s crying because she’s bald, she lost a bet with another kid
and as a result had to shave her head.
Poor girl.Well , that hair’ll grow
back in no time.

That’s wizard Hippylol’s proud moustache on her head.
Guess shes borrowed it for a while to
cover the loss of hair! :smiley:


PS. tesla coils ROCK !


lol, very nice concept. I just had to comment on it.

Your progress has been interesting, :slight_smile:


rofl - - - nothing like a well ornamented moustache… it’s like a nightmare straight out of a pierce & tattoo shop for some reason :eek:


what? noo! didn’t mean to make anything nightmarish!

sorry :blush:


ROFL !!! That’s some unique way to introduce us to the concept.

And the artwork is good, too. I’m curious how it will end up.


Something interesting in here?
Yes, I think so.
I don’t know if you want to combine all the stuff together or something else
(i didn’t read the whole thread sorry)

See this


heh yea these are just presentation pieces , all is going to be put together in the
end as shown in the first sketch :slight_smile:


learning about terrain and getting feel
of the scene… still aeons from the
finish , but an update anyways :slight_smile:


I enjoy the idea of the falling ships. Although I’m still kindof confused as to what is going on, the color concept seems to be going in the right direction. I would only add that perhaps there is another perspective that might give the fallen ships a more dynamic feel.


lol that last concept made me laugh! Keep going cuz you’re doing great job and most of all you’re having pure fun :slight_smile:


Damn, cool progress Mr. 5D!:smiley:

I can’t crit anyway because I have no clue about 3D at all…
I just can say: ME LIKE!!!
U are a funny bastard…lol.

Cheerz dude and thanks for dropping by in my threads


PS: I hope I can reach a percentage of the quality your 3D looks like. However, it’ll be a good laugh and a lesson for me:bounce:


wee! The terrain is really cool… I’ve been trying to create a cool terrain for a long time… It’s SOOOO dificult (for me). =( congratulation!! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be back :bounce: