Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Panu Uomala


:bounce: I like the little guy …he has his arms open as if he is running in panic mode…heheheh…Bubble Nut Robot… :bounce:

…make the squirrel too… :scream:


Hi there! Lovely little mechanic dude:) Great job! And like DimitrisLiatsos, I also see some “panic” mode. f you wanted such an effect, then it’s great, if not, you should do something obout it:bounce:



I like your idea a lot. It’s the only one of it’s kind on this thread. Good luck



err…panic mode not intended but if it looks like that, cool enough :slight_smile:

-you’re all right , too , gotta model that squirrel too for additional umm… flavor?
and of course it’s good practice! no idea how I should make the tail tho…hmmmzz


i really have to visit the Idontlikepepsi planet :smiley: really, the sense of humor in the project is great :thumbsup:


The original concept sketch looks great. Good use of colour and composition. The maintenance Robot looks very technical and could be similar to the small robots in Disney’s The Black Hole. Maybe you could use this film as reference for colour, I remember it being very bright and vivid in depth. You could also possibly add some dirt to the textures, especially around the engine glow.

Excellent work. Best of Luck.


me tired :stuck_out_tongue:


Heehee :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Ultimate Magnet :eek:
I wonder does somebody sell those magnet pillars in TV Shop as well ??
The small robot fella is somehow relative to Johnny5. Id like to see it in panic mode

Great work :slight_smile:


Now you’re going to have to model a really fat friar Tuck too…

Incidently, I used to know a modeler from Finland who also built robots looking quite like yours… … must be some kind of really weird finnish tradition :smiley:


yea it’s like the Jedi lightsabre , u know , when u build your own you’re a Jedi .

we don’t yet know why we build our maintenance robots , though :hmm:


Very funny indeed !:applause:
In fact, it reminds me some french comic strip by “Manu Larcenet” about an old and insane Robin Hood.

Hilarious it was (and it still is).
On the good path you are.

Good luck padawan !

PS : I have no crits about the modeling or anything else so far…


yea pretty funny stuff man… look forward to seeing your project develop


hey thanks DF and everybody for dropping by !

that comic sounds like fun , gotta try n see if I can find it here :thumbsup:


weee! Those magnet pillars are really cool :applause: … Can’t wait to see more…
good luck! :thumbsup:


NNnnnoo !! No Manu Larcenet here :frowning: … well , only french version, but I can’t
read that :frowning:

I got spaceships n squirrel n stuff comin up …ehm , soon… I think the squirrels could be the
planet’s primary inhabitants , that cool with everybody ?


Lol that made me laugh lol :scream: Keep it up you’re doing excellent job!


these are lowpoly cause u gonna see them
at some distance ; they gonna be on the
falling ships.


Intense space battle action!!! :smiley: Love the presentation here…


I should’ve known this before. It Squibbit dose the Grand Space Battle it will for sure be amazingly funny. Man, I love your way in presenting your updates. Always fall of my chair. :applause:

Great job,



It’s another Maginot Line you’ve just build here !:smiley: