Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Panu Uomala


Panu Uomala has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: tireddd…hhzzzzzzzzzz

dat’s it

enjoy if u do !


You have forced my hand, I am now
5D in total and I WILL take over your


A plot waaay too long to describe here
by the Wizard Hippylol brought end to
the Wazzat Confederation’s mighty space
fleet. The plot took years to execute
but in the end it brought the Wazzat
ships in vicinity of planet Idonlikepepsi ,
where Hippylol had established a great
magnet system that pulled the Wazzatian
vessels from the space and crashing down
on the planet’s surface. This image was
taken by a maintenance droid from the
safety zone that’s under the magnet
towers , where the magnets have no effect.

“It was one magical moment” -was heard
said by the Wizard Hippylol of the event.


He he… this will be cool. Really looking forward to see you handle 5D… let me suggest using a Cinema4D license… then there’s only 1D missing, that might be manageable.

Watching… good concept too…


I think you should get a prize just for thinking of the idea of “5D”…Funny…have fun,and it’s great to see you here in the 3D World Panu…:arteest:


Squibbit, cant wait to see what you come up with on this side of the D’s
Glad you took the fun side here with you! :scream:


yea this is REALLY gonna be a challenge , I’ve modeled mostly
boxes of different sort before this !

Nevertheless , I’m really gonna try and give
something fun for you people to see … :thumbsup:


umm … I made it funny so u wouldn’t
see it’s a crappy model , heh

it is funny , right ?

please ?

it’s not finished…


as with your 2D thread, this will be interesting to watch and take part in! I have only book knowledge of 3D, so won’t be of much help… but I’ll try and offer an eye occasionally! Good luck juggling


:bounce: …yup …it’s funny and at the same time i am curious to see it an a normal position. Updates ! :bounce:


Eh, that’s not too shabby :smiley: A bit edgy perhaps, but what we swedes usually refer to as a “good start”. And OK, it is a little bit funny too :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Just noticed the squirrel. That immediately bumps up the funnyness several notches.


Right on…Squibbit 3D :bounce:


Dang…your on this side of the fence too…hey would you mind finishing my entry too while you are at it :argh: …I wonder what 3 months with no sleep will do to someone…could be fun… :cry:


Great concept man! I love it! Keep it up and good luck with the 3D :slight_smile:


Welcome Squibbit,
nice start, I love the squirrel. :thumbsup:



I thought the squirrel would do it :slight_smile:

yea essencedesign , I dunno , I gotta learn to do all this stuff in sleep too , heh

and u dunno normal dimi , don’t even pretend , u juzz crrazy stuff

still , tryin to come up with an update this night :wip:


HAHAHAHAH…:bounce: …indeed.


I really enjoy your sense of humor. I like the start you have going there. May I ask if
the squirrel is really the Wizard Hippylol keeping on top of things?

Looking forward to more…



continuing with the present course faults
of modeling are again cleverly hidden
by cool glowing lights etc. :smiley:


:cool: Just needs the squirrel sitting on it’s shoulder :smiley: