Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


• :slight_smile: Thanks for your beautifull words! feels good!

• Thanks Oblivionblack, yeah, propulsion comes from a (GFNS) “gravity field negotiation System”, it uses the gravitty attraction of the planet and repulses it like magnets with opposite poles, so it is an airborn vehicle, then the system only regulates the attraction so it slides about 1 - 2 mts max over the planet’s surface, (can’t do it over the watter).
Tell u a secret: i got some inspiration from your thread :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

• Thanks James, a Bumpercar! lol that’s what I’ve been told :smiley: I’m glad u like it!


great improvements on the car Omar!!! :thumbsup:
jeep is looking absolutely fantastic!!! though for me before it was looking also good but now is really great!
i beg you Omar… do not kill this beautiful model with casual texturing… :sad:
:slight_smile: well… really great work mate!
keep it up and cheers! :beer:


• lol yeah, i hope i don’t screw it up! :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the concept. I’d have to say that maybe the human models could do with a bit more detail considiring they will have to be rendered at 2000+ pixels. Any thoughts on the alien? I waiting to see your model for it.

buena suerte amigo.


I did a quick look of your thread , everything looks very nice the character model could maybe use a little more detail like someone else mentioned but they look very nice. The Jeep model looks very cool. When I have a little more time I will stop back here . Keep up the good work.
My GSO entry


• Human beings have allways speculated about the future, I remember I saw a Buggs Bunny cartoon from de 50’s in wich Bugs and Elmer were in the 90’s, it is now really funny how the artist thought how could it be 40 years ahead, with all those laser an funny weapons and cothes.
Many things have changed since that date, we’re not using laser nor funny clothes, but last century humanity revolucionated the world as known, now we can use pocket computers, internet, even cellular phones with internet and i couldn’t stop naming impossible things only 100 years ago, We can not exactly forseen how it would it be in 100 years, maybe the concept we have now would be kind of “ridicolous” as the old sci-fi movies.

• Of course Artist “paint” how would they like the future to be, and that’s what this Space Opera is about

• But what if distant future spaceships , or whatever is much more simple than we think?, what if clothes or buildings are as in the worsest sci-fi movie we can imagine? Would it be disapointg wouldn’t it?

• I don’t know why I’m writing this… but it was kind of funny…


Woah man - that’s some deep stuff there. Not really related to your post - but a very good read. Thanks for that, v.interesting.


With regard to consumer products, designers will always look for ways to reinvent the not too distant past and make it look fresh again. People love things that show a new way to look at something old. Like with fashion design and automotive design.

With technology, you have the military driving much of the progress, so practicality and cost effectiveness are the driving forces, not stylistic appeal.

Space ships and other futuristic stuff can have a military/practical look if you imagine them being used for battle, but if you imagine them being used by most people, then it’s realistic to try and imagine how designers would make something with appeal.

Old sci-fi stuff looks funny, but looking at a lot of it in the past month, I think it’s impressive that the space rocket designs and the space suit designs were accurate predictions of the future. I think it’s safe to take a military approach, because ‘practical’ will continue too look the same.

Your Jeep design will probably look dated some day because it uses contemporary vehicle design, but it will also look charming, because good design is good design, even after it goes out of style.

This subject is interesting to me. Off on a tangent, though. :slight_smile:


• Good point, i guess you are right Crusty Butt!


I am now working in the expression of the boy, it is a bit far to be complete, but I wanted to post something tonight, ears and hair will come later, It seems to have nothing to do with the space opera, lol, but I made some changes to the original sketch, not too much, it is just that I wanted something like in the reinasance age and the marble sculpture look was nice so I decided to post this, commets are welcome


The concept,the modeling are looking quite nice,real nice! I like your style and feel,your thinking…You have a good sense of scale,a real nice storyline,and a passionate piece here,I’ll be looking in often,and can see this will be wonderful to follow…Go at it hard Omar…It’s coming along very nicely…:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


the boy is coming along nice! just that part up of eye looks to “sharpedged” think it needs more edges!
continue cool work !:slight_smile:


Yeah, good update, nice start modeling for the boy, waiting for update…:bounce:
And the new update for the jeep is cool too!!!
very nice style!!

Update!!! :buttrock:


hey this is great!.. i like ur concept very much… amn good modeling on the robot… keep it up mate… i’ll b back for more updates…! :thumbsup:


OOO I like the jeep :slight_smile: Looks nice… not like my stuff… anyway the boy looks cool too, but as always to express an opinion I have to see hair and ears :slight_smile: Keep it up!


• C’mon Borro, don’t say that!, your planet builder idea rocks! and your modeling too!! :thumbsup: It is just that people sees their own job in a diferent way, Just keep it up mate!


Jeep looks super cool man…i like also the expression on the boy’s face …i 'll wait for u to progress more there before i can offer any helpfull critic…although i don’t think u need it !:slight_smile:


• Here is an update, yeah, i know: i gotta works in the hands a bit more, but also post more frecuently :), The ears are already there and hair comes soon, i donn’t think i’ll make the whole body, it won’t be seen and also i don’t want to overload the scene, crits are as allways appreciated


hi Omar…
this guy looks great! :thumbsup: really great!!! i really like it very much…
looking forvard to see how you’ll texture it… (to put my two cents) :smiley:
great stuff my friend and keep it up!
cheers :beer:


Great work on the boy here! I was going to say the chest felt a bit flat, but then it’s a young boy and actually quite realistic… then I was going to say that the ears seemed a bit big, but then again, for a young boy, and no hair (as of yet or at all)… it’s pretty darn realisticly proportioned too… In summary, good job :thumbsup: