Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


• Thanks Nuclearman, I’ll take a look…:curious: :wavey:


hmmmmmmm… something too much interesting here… I like the story… and the idea of the scouts… I thinnk I will follow this thread… keep it up man :applause: you’re on the way…


hi Omar…
first i’m very glad your taking my remarks as a friendly advice… :thumbsup: though it should be obvious that any suggestion and crit is aimed to help to improve work unfortunately many people (and especially in 2D challenge :)) are taking it as personal offence… :slight_smile:

well… i may suggest you to make different renders with only falloff and only HDRI reflections accordingly… and one more without both of them just with ordinary shader… after that you can compare them and get better idea what works well and what not…

for instance the most probs are making shape edges of the model and transition areas… but i can’t say whats prob exactly…

hope it may help to sort it…
cheers mate! :beer:


scene elements are forming quite fast. nice concept story by the way. good luck amigo :beer:


• Thanks Greentek, In fact i think is not only the “texture”, but the model, when i used the term “Jeep” everyboby would imagine a Small heavy and Boxed car, ( I have a Jeep of my own :wink: ), but i was wondering, maybe in future they would look much more simple, and why should it be rusty or dirty? I agree, materials were applied in a very relaxed way…too simply, too shiny

• A friend of mine told me it looks like the concept of future during the 70’s :surprised , well is a good point, :sad:

• I’ll modify the concept and add more details, and of course work the materials and textures in a more carefull way.

• Thanks for your opinions I appreciate 'em so much


Have to admit I love that car paint on the jeep. It’s very unexpected for this space theme, and therefore extra cool. Depending on whether it will fit in the rest of the scene, I say ‘keep it’!


• Thanks James and uwil, maybe i will use an hibryd because i think much more details means hard work and I don’t want people to feel like went as the easyest, even if the model is in a third plane

• Also, Is not that I will go down with the first crits and change my mind, but Greentek is Right, iI though same as you James: this kind of car paint would be unexpected

• I’m very happy to hear your sincerous opinions, it makes me fell i should do my best :slight_smile:


That jeep’s paint job kicks butt. I’d add some metal flake to make it even more pimped out.

I do agree with the comments about it looking like a toy, and I think it’s not the paint job as much as the lack of detail. When I saw the thumbnail of the image I was like, “waaaa! #%&%*&$#” But when I clicked on it and saw the large version I was like, “Hmmm.” I think it just needs levels of detail to take it to the next level.

Lots of potential, you have. Keep up the good work.



Hi there Climax! I don’t know why I was missing this thread. Your sketch is great, and announces a nice work. First models are also good, but I don’t like the “jeep” in there. The model is ok, but it doesn’t fit to the mood of the concept. You see that something about it i is wrong by yourselve. I would advice to do a new one. As far as the carpaint is concerned, I wouldn’t go with any glossy surfaces. I haven’t seen any military vehicle with shiny, poolished surface:). The surface must be mat, shiny one reflect too much light, and such a vehicle would be seen from a miles! And definitely it needs some dirt.

Nice and promising start, I’ll be watching you:bounce:


yeah!! great render! keep it Omar! render all the stuff this way! :scream::scream:

well… what i’m talking about has nothing to do with car paint or low level of details… also i didn’t mean you have to make it look weathered or dirty…
i’m talking about low quality texturing and rendering… i researched your images Omar once again and it looks like the problems are coming from HDRI… there are huge aliasing problems in the transition areas… try to render it without HDRI… or change HDRI image file… check HDRI settings… lighting may cause problems as well… but again i’m pretty sure all probs come from HDRI…
cheers mate… :beer:


• Well, When i posted the Jeep, i said i painted because this was a boring gray thread and i wanted some color introduction, this image has absolutly nothing to do with the final render or textures, Of course it has low quality render, but anyway i know there is a lack of detail and I know when it is over youl’ll see the difference:D

Thanks buddies!


Sorry for the late reply - I dunno how I missed the new additions to this thread… the jeep looks awesome, all except for the paint job (lol - but this has already been mentioned - perhaps more rusty, dirty, and even more detailed geometry??).

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the developments.


cool progress!! the char and ship modelling is very good!!I kinda agree about the textures that shiny “new” look does not fit the model so much…anyway all depends by distance in the final composite, generally I would go for a more “used” look.
but great work nonetheless! :thumbsup:


Man…i like the story and the way u are making your heroes…if i may suggest,although i am no expert to this, when i saw your Girl with the helmet i noticed that her lips seemed a lttle bit wide to me, i may be wrong but i think i should mention this only becuase it’s the most obvious part of her when she wears the helmet …so i think u give great importance to her expression through her lips…if i am wrong …forgive me… :thumbsup: …cool stuff here all the way.


I decided to add details to my Jeep, trying to keep the first concept wich was too simple but it was planed to be like that, though I can deny now it looks a little bit more interesting, textures will have to wait a bit more, I don’t want you to break my heart again (lol) just kidding, but i will work 'em more counciously next time I post a texture ;), I’d really appreciate your opinions about this changes


Nice additions, Omar. Clearly, it doesn’t a huge amount of additional detail to make the Jeep look more like a functional vehicle – just a few well-chosen touches. This new version really does has a lot more visual interest, while still adhering to your original intent. Thumbs up!


• Thanks Nuclearman, i also enjoyed retouching it, I tryed not to be too meticuolus, many details will be lost in the final image in wich the jeep will be in a third plane, i’am very glad you liked it!


That jeep looks 100 times better, and I thought it looked good before.



yup!! I agree with Crusty_Butt really great improvements!! now the design is much more inviting!! are you already thinking to some sort of propulsion?
keep up the great work! :thumbsup:


New jeep is looking good. A bit like a bumpercar in a way, and the added detail certainly makes it more believable. Neato design, and it’s going to work marvellously with some good textures.