Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


Damn! for me it was hard to make this apparently simple model! further details will be acomplished with texturing and of course lighting and render quality…texturizing will be Hell :frowning:


Hey, don’t get ya self down - looks good to me.

Only crit. is with the girl, her lower arms look too squashed (vertical in image looks a little too wide) - hope you know what I mean.


Looking good. That helmet works too I think, a bit stylised… good.

Agree with stevetwist about the arms, they need to be shaped up a bit, but the overall character will probably work out just fine.


Interesting concept! And nice drawings!

The only thing is that I see the knees of the girl is kinda well defined as they would be bones without flesh and wear (i mean the middle line separating the knee on upper and lower halves. Are they a trouser special things?). And the face is more like cubic but maybe its mongoloid…

Good work!


Here is the guy, there are some details still missing, but this is the concept - model, I have to fix some little things, thaks to you guys i also fixed some details in the girl, but I will pot later when texturizing :wink:


Thanks to come see my thread, I feel better when I see people coming to this little space of the challenge good luck to everyone!:slight_smile:


hi Omar…
great models of astronauts! :thumbsup: looking absolutely beleavable…
keep it up mate!
untill later and cheers :beer:


Comming along very nicly,you’ve done a nice job on the city also…going to be a very quality scene…keep going :applause:


• I would have preffer to make pretty heavy armor on them, but they are not dressed for battle nor for hostyle environment, I think in distant future clothes will be as simple as nessesay and also most of the ships or transportation will have non baroque designs:D , well, thats what iI think…anyway I’ll make a Cargo ship later who will have the “standard” future look, now I will start the Jeep…:wip:



Love the city, good idea leaving the details, more , more…:scream:


This is the jeep, The model is quite simple, no mayor changes were made from the original sketch, i hope u like it


I know it’s a heavy mesh, but as i said before, I hope my computer can stand the pressure of the whole scene, any c&c will be appreciated :wink:


Not all my models are finished yet, but i couldn’t resist the temptation of adding some colors to my sad thread, when I finish modeling I promise almost everything will be full color :slight_smile:


This are some views, I’m still not sure about its color, but maybe when integrating the elements in the scene I will have a better idea, anyway I will also make a coloured sketch later to figure it out.
So, Here it is!.. the new generation of Space Jeeps, confortable, doesn’t need oil, it’s power and speed depends of the planet’s gravity field, t’s engine is a “gravity negociator” it means it repels gravity to drive airborn and speed depends of how fast you would like to go, (this is their first test on real gravity and it seems it works well) the incorporated “GES” ( you need to read my story and prologe to understand what GES means;)) also keep pssenger as “stand by” inertia it means, inertia doesn’t affect if the car stops abruptly, ( if only they knew how to do that in the XXI century!!) sits are some kind of self inflatable to assure it will fit your body shape for more confortable driving, yes they are airborn, but they cant fly, a cargo ship is needed to descend to earth, many other features as remote and automatic controls are incorporated in this new design, their artifitial intelligence is compared whit a human being so, smart driving is completely redefined.
Their hundred of thousands polygon power can make some computer to crash, but for the mercy of god not mine :wink:
It can be all your for the riddicolous price of sending me information about how to make distributed net render with brazil (for a single image)
Call now!


hi Omar…
your jeep model looks excellent! :thumbsup: but can’t say the same about texturing :frowning:
mate you have to do something to make it look better…
first it looks like a toy and not futuristic jeep…
and what kind of shader do you use? it’s better to shade just like regular stainless steel then this car paint…
common Omar… it’s really sad to see such cool model so casual textured… :frowning:
keep your great work! do not relax! :smiley:
cheers… :beer:


:blush: …I guess you’re right…:cry: Thanks to say what you really feel, that’s what real friends do :thumbsup:


Omar, did you use the standard “car paint” Blinn from the Base?


:blush: … i though in making a brand new vehicle, but it seems was not a good idea, maybe it should look more rusty and dirty as Greentek said, I should pay more atention, I used a fresnel falloff with an HDRI image as reflection, but it really seems as a toy car! any suggestion will be very appreciated, thanks to keep an eye on my job :sad:


I agree with Paul about the model: clean and efficient, so thumbs up there! But he’s also right about it looking like a toy. So … in addition to reworking the textures (maybe blending in a layer of imperfections/scratches/wear), I think a bit more fine detailing (seatbelts, anyone???)would go a long ways towards eliminating that impression. Anyway, I’m glad to see you’re continuing to make progress! Keep it up!


Omar, try this site for some detail shots. I realize that a Hummer isn’t technically a jeep, but there are some nice pics of front ends that might provide a little inspiration for touching up the Jeep: