Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


Hi Omar, very irradiant, luminous and optimistic image you have there.
Very very pleasant for the eye. :applause: :applause
Congratulations mate and Good Luck in the judging round!! :thumbsup:


ooh…did i mention this is one of my favorites…Ok now you know.:arteest: :beer:


Excellent work man…:applause:
good luck!


Absolutely love the detail in the ships. Awesome work!


• Hi there! I have to thank again your support, crit and comments

• I have dream (i don’t know why) with this image the last days, I only regreat myself for not having use another sky type, the original concept was like it is now, but somehow if I would have had the time to look over the image I think it would have been a bit more interesting, of course I can change it at any moment but no more for the challenge :sad:

• Maybe I should post a revisioned version only to take that grain of sand out of my heart :shrug:


Yea the thing I always hear is that CG works are NEVER finished…only deadlined… :banghead:

but I think you did a great job Omar…and you were a great friend to many of us here…

Look at it this way…you now have all of these characters and vehicles…and all the time in the world…so …Play areound with them a bit and show us the results…who cares about the competition…it’s the ART that matters…I’m sure you know that thoguh Dude… :wink:

Nice to meet you here Omar and thanks for the support in my thread…Peace …see you soon with more right !!


hey friend…i would love to see your new version…

Omar espero que todo este bien y recuerda si necesitas ayuda con algo solo dime…

ok frinend i will be looking forward to see your new versions and you new art pieces!!

just keep rockin my friend…and thax for all the support u gave at the challenge…u helped out lots of other artist…youre a great person! cya soon :buttrock: :buttrock:


• Yeah…I thank u once again for your words, and 4 ur constant presence even after the deadline, I wish u Luck, it would be great to see our images printed in a book


Hi there my friend! Soon we will meet in some cool company like ILM and then we will drink a lot of beer:bounce: Good luck and prepare your machine for the next creazy challenge:twisted:


• hahahaha, that would be cool :D!


today is the day we all are afraid of LOL


Good luck AMIGO…!!!
And congrats with great work…! :thumbsup:
As well as happy valentine’s day and cheers…! :beer:
Paul. :cool:


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