Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


…I’ll repeat myself…But somehow better again…I quess you just added that cherry on top now…tasty …:arteest: :beer:


Thanks a lot for all your support on my work, but your’s are truly GREAT!. I have no more words!
Good Luck
Miguel Salinas
AKA darthmikael


Great job omar. You have done it. A rich vibrant entry seeming with life and eye candy. You have done an amazing amount of work and it shows. I think your art will take you far if it hasn’t already. Congradulations on finishing and keep up this kind of great work in the future!:applause: :buttrock:


Looks great my friend! i really like it:thumbsup:


:applause: -> :arteest: -> :thumbsup:

My friend… you can be happy now… :beer:

Lemog :wavey:


Congratulations Omar … great final image … :thumbsup:

Now its time to rest and wait to the voting moment … Your coments in my thread have been very helpfull … best of luck for you my friend…


Excellent final Image Omar!!! :bounce: :bounce:
Amazing work!!!:thumbsup:
It was a pleasure to meet you, and follow this thread. :applause:

cheers!! :beer:


congratulation Omar, you made it my friend!:thumbsup:


No, I didn’t mean that, far from it; for me, the image just looked somewhat off since I thought you were intending the image to have a realistic perspective, but there were several things that made it look unrealistic.
Anyways, nice to have met you during this challenge and good luck with your entry. :slight_smile:


congratz my friend ! i simply love this work!


Hi Omar

First of all, sorry for visiting this thread for the first time. Good stuff you present in here. Like the final image alot, and like the whole concept behind the image. Have seen your avatar in allmost every thread I have visited, but have somehow missed your work.

Good luck with the image, looking forward to other works from you.


Great job Climax! :slight_smile: It was a pleasure watching your progress during the last few months. GOod luck!


Quite lovely! I especially like the floating saucers.


• I am Also sorry I didn’t have the time to visit everybodys thread, sometimes I spent more time visiting and replying than working in my own, and there are so many good artist that I am very happy to have share with most of you this great experience.

Thanks & Cheers to all of you


Finaly i can see your final work and it is great! i wish you the best.


WoW, very gooder pic, the fina image is really nice, i like particulary the big ship very detailled and the " suspended vehicule", their look is terrible. The realization of the character at the forground is great very realistic. So, very good work


Hello Omar! Your final really is looking grande! :thumbsup:

It was a real pleasure sharing those 3 months around here…

Wishing the best on your entry! :slight_smile:


A good result here, Omar! This definitely feels like a book cover, no doubt about it. Nice to see such a bright and somewhat cheery set :thumbsup:


• Linda, MDN67, terrarc & JamesMK
Thank you people for your Lovely Comments :love:, I am only a bit sad it had to come to an end, but it was plenty of fun around and that makes me feel so happy.
:bounce: :slight_smile: :thumbsup: :buttrock: :smiley: :applause: :beer:


Splendid image…really splendid
but i would increase the feeling of perspective (fog and distant shadows)

Its done on a high level.
Good luck:)