Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


In outer space there is no air, so engineers didn’t waste time in aerodynamic designs, it was suppose to be more functional.
This Spaceships were build also in outer space (Earth’s Orbit and also pieces in moon’s surface)so they wouldn’t need too much power when leaving Earth’s atmosphere.


wow… cool model of the ship Omar…
great work… keep it up… :thumbsup:


Looks cool! Like the ship design, can’t wait to see some textures.


Interesting start here, Omar. You seem to have a good sense of shape and colour… and your ideas will allow for a multitude of different possible finals here - looking forward to see it evolve.

Hope you’ll enjoy your first challenge then - you know, as soon as this one is over, you will be waiting impatiently for the next one to start.


You’re right, very nice idea!
I like the modeling, and the style! Keep going! :buttrock:


Very promising ship - coming along nicely.

Would be good to see if you’ve done any development concepts, just wondering, as a few people have mentioned possible alterations, and I wondered if yo’d thought about implementing them.

Anyway, great work.


i like it.
Heavy, big and cool, that s the right way.
is it a city ship ?


ey man,

Looks cool
Keep at it:thumbsup:


Well, The scouts need transportation, don’t they? This is a quick sketch, I thought in putting some color, cause my thread is a little gray :stuck_out_tongue:
(The Robot sits in the back)


yes they need one!! :cool:
Nice sketch man! the robot on the back is waiting for a driver… he need a driver too!! :wink:


This is a test, I know the ears are a bit flat, but I had to make’em so because if not they come out of the helmet, thats the way it should be …I think :shrug:


The eyes won’t never be seen, but i made ‘em anyway, i hope i can use the mesh for further animation :’


Thats some crazy modeling! WOW :eek: :eek: I love the idea! keep it up mate!


Very nice head model - can’t wait to see that thing textured - keep up the great work.


hey man super modeling… just dont like that lines underneet his eyes…


hi Omar…

what a damn cool Jeep… :thumbsup: faces also look very well…

keep it mate! and cheers… :beer:


great stuff man… like your ideas… and thats some crazy modeling on the big ship…


Very interresting concept and design. I’m Going to watch you for sure.

I love your robot he haves lot of personality even for this early sketch.

Good luck.


very cool work so far climax!!great sketches!
I’m looking forward for the progress!! :thumbsup:


This is how the model of the girl looks so far, I’m still working on some details but I am going on slow beacuse I have lot of work to do :(, I hope I can finish on time, any crits are wellcome