Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


• Richard, Mike, Dimitris, Jeremy, Squibbit, Keet mun, Darko, Nekura
Thanks Buddies! I have some task to do before final compositing, I reduced difuse levels on the boy layer and added some plants around, now I am working in the far background and I will post very soon to get your opinions, thanks for your special support and I exhort you to keep working hard this last days:bounce: , Hurry up guys! :thumbsup:


• Just wanted to test my computer if it could resist this models in a single scene, tried to use “real scale” mothership should be a little bit bigger and here it doesn’t have textures, sorry about half boy, but i modeled only what will be seen in the final, and he is a bit bigger as he should be, environment landscape is really giving me headaches, I am truly afraid and worry of screwing it up with the landscape :frowning: (It needs too many details to make it belivable)


Overall a real nice job man.One gripe I have are the boys fingers on the staff,they are way off,and throw things off.You should correct that if you have time.It just sticks out to me and throws things off for the entire scene.nevertheless a nice job overall as a concept and modeling and textures.Good stuff.:slight_smile:


• :cry: :argh: I know what you mean! I made a big mistake when asigned the bones in the hands, but now I can only hope I have time to fix it, because he is in the first plane :scream: or at least try to fake it a little bit :cry: time is…:cry: …running…:cry:OUT! :argh:


yeah u are going to have problems… dont know if u will manage to finish it on time! :frowning: SO TURBO! :slight_smile:


• Yeah,…BUt I won’t give up!..SkinMorph is a solution…but another F…ing modifier to my scene! :twisted: If my computer doesn’t explode, my brain will!..monday 3:00 a.m. here…:cry: :smiley:


5:42 here now and it still looks good. Nice test. I know the feeling on exploding computers. Mine seems destined to combust… :wink:


ok… u can explode… BUT after u finish this competition! :slight_smile:
11:45 here :stuck_out_tongue:


• The Non sleeping night has pay off i think…I was very worried about how would I manage composition layers, but Thanks god My computer is stronger as I thought and I could Merge almost all my models in a single scene, I made this test with no textures so it would be faster to determine the sun’s position, background is still very rough, but, now I know how much detail will I need on it :wink:
• I hope you like it, and your c&c will be very helpfull at this point

postdata: deformation of The hands of the boy, man underarms, and the girl’s elbows are allready fixed, so no need for post retouching :smiley: YEAH BABY!


Hi there Omar. Lighting looks good. But I see a one strange thing which I don’t like. The guy near the robot is pointing somewhere, that’s ok, but noone else looks there… so for whom does he point there, for himself only? for me it looks bit strange. It would be perfect if the lady was looking in that direction as well(with keeping the map as it is). It would add more interaction to the picture. I know that the situation is good, and there are no mistakes, but as this is not an animation, we have to make strange things to make them more real then reality:):slight_smile: I hope that you get me.


hey mate…youre doing it really nice…i like how those holograms look!..very nice touch…

hey the advice from arturro sound interesting…i think he has a point there …
Keep going Omar your near to the final …good luck!


Hello Omar, long time since my last visit … your work its getting really nice, I like the composition of the final image … but I agree with arturro in his advice and also I think that the position of the cargo ship its not the best one, we can’t see it very well and it is a very nice ship … perhaps making it to look a bit more down (Oh my english is horrible)
Hope you can understand what I’m trying to say …
Good luck!!


HI Climax!!! :slight_smile:

I like the last composition:thumbsup: , i understand arturro and i’m agree too, the robot has a good position, seems like a bodyguard… but the guys showing somewhere he’s looking strange… if the girls can look it will be a good idea.

Nice work!!
Waiting for update!!! :beer:


I am just here to say this is one of my favorites ,looking at this from a concept to modeling and then to all the other milestones you have crossed each in a top rate fashion…I can only say at this time that this is in good hands and that the finish is near,and that I wish you the best with your final touches Omar…A very nice overall entry,it’s great to see come together…Now get that last 2% of the work done…See you soon,and all the best to you…:arteest: :cool:


• Artur
Thanks buddy! I get your point, I wanted an expontaneous moment, but u r certanly right, I will sure do what u say :thumbsup: it is just a matter of rotate one single bone

• Jorge
Thanks! at this moment holograms are just a ps paint job, i wanted to see how would they look in stage, that’s why they call too much the attention at this moment, I’ll put the real “model” later to see them in the whole texturized version :thumbsup:

• Jeronimo
Cool to have u back my friend! and u r right about the ship! I’ll see how to get the most of it…maybe in the right side…but i gotta make some test, at this moment there is lot of emptiness, landscape details are still missing :cry:

• Lombardo
Thanks for the comments, I think you are right, I’ll post back soon :wink:

• Michael
2%? :cry: thanks for ur nice words Michael! but still there are lots of details missing, too much emptiness at this moment, I have to hurry up! your thread is also one of my favorites :bounce: Thanks for saying that! :love: :beer:

To all of u many thanks! I really appreciate ur support very much, This has been one of the most fullfilling experiences in my life and that’s why u all are very special to me :buttrock:


I really like how your composition is coming along… keep up the speedy pace! :bounce:
I wish you all the best in finishing your scene. :slight_smile:

Go go!! :wip: :wip:


too much fog i think


Nice update mate! :thumbsup:

The fog is a little destracting…and agree with arturro’s suggestion…
If that isn’t close to finishing then what?

Just need to add some flora and render everything with textures…Then a nice walk in the sunshine…would be a nice break waiting for it to bake…:bounce::bounce:

Man you’re almost there!!:bounce:


• This is a rough test of rendering and compositing, some of the elements are only as reference and other are still missing, sky and middle plane grass are photographs, the moons are not there yet and also the space cow, I have to make a mate paint of the sky and middle ground will be CG, I see too much green…I \'ll se what I can do, contrast is a post efect at this point, but I\'ll try to fix it in the scene, so only little changes will be post retouching…
• c&c are very important at this point

• sorry about low Quallity, this is only a preview


I think if you tilted up slightly one of the huge ships in the sky , perhaps the one closest to us, it would give a better impression of movement. From a ground vantage point loooking up at a ship of that size you really would only be able to see just a little of the top, but moslt the underside…would give a more imposing feel to it…you know what i mean ?,whould also give you the chance to use the ships erethral blue glow as a “rim light” of sorts on the characters to help them stand out…just a suggestion… I hope my comments can be helpful…in this late hour anything can help I know, :banghead: