Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


may be I´ll drop by your house on sunday ok! ,)


happy new year dude… all the best for 2005

your entry is really looking good, I especially like your robot design… well done!



And a new potion for you, the whole box!

“Happily ever after!” from Shrek 2, in all aspects of this new year unfolding in front of you mate! :thumbsup:


…:::Omar i wish you all the best for 2005 with much much luck:::…


hola Omar!! really cool improvements! I love the texturing on the robot! :thumbsup:
have a awesome new year mate!! :arteest:


• SpaceCows were very heavy dutty Cargo Ships, They were designed for transportation of Militar equipement, In Space they are versatile and fast, but in Earth like Atmosphere are slow and need some time to load energy to rise.
• I hope you like 'em
C&C as allways wellcome


• This is how they look from top view, The model was simple, I tried to balance, modeling and texturing, some parts are very low polys, it would be seen as a background element in the final image, so, I had to reduce resolution of the meshes due to the capacity of my processor.
• Now I’ll continue with the boy. If everything goes Ok, I think I will be able to finish on time, but still there is some work to do :frowning:


Bravo Omar!! great job. I can only suggest now to make the front part more dirty. It looks strange in comparsion with the rest. I also feel lack of paneling there.

Keep the work mate! I’m with ya:buttrock:


Yeah more dirt on the front! Maybe you can show some dirt streaks to show the speed at which the ship is moving.

Cheers mate


[right]:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: climax احسنت


Wow! Very nice Omar! :thumbsup: Great job all around on that ship.
I’m curious about something, it appears that the wings have joints… which would make sense since they would only need to be extended for flight in an atmosphere (and retracted for space flight). Anyhow, I was just wondering if that was the case, or if the hinge appearance is just part of the design.

Great work! Keep going! :applause: :buttrock:


i like those textures…i must agree about the more dirt in the front advice…
i really like the design in this ship…are u going to add some weapons?

ok mate…keep rockin!


• Arturro

Yeah, I was having troubles with the cabin’s mapping coordinates, thats why I asked you in your thread, but I’ll find the way

• Keetmun
Thanks pal i’ll work on it

• Nekura
Yeah, wings should extend during fly, that’s why there is a danger sign right up the wings, so people should stay back during lift, of course as it is not being animated we won’t see that :slight_smile:

• Rattlesnake
Thanks Jorge, I keep my concept of no weapons only the robot’s :smiley:


cylindrical mapping(without cap) and then unwrapping don’t work good?


Hi Omar…Well the space cows have turned out very nice.The balance of modeling and texturing is perfect.Nice color tones,and depth to the textures.The design is really nice with a thick strong bulk like feel but still with a nice flow…Your really doing a great job here,and have a excellent entry.great work ethic and execution.I am really enjoying following your thread from the start and seeing it all un-fold.It’s been and is one of my favorites to follow,the concept,modeling and texturing have been done in top form…Work hard on getting the finishing touches finished,it will be well worth it,and you have one great entry to be proud of…I’ll be tuned to the final stages for sure…Very nice effort and the hard work certanly is paying off!:buttrock: :arteest:


• Yes, Thank u very much Artur, It works, but i will post againg my cow when in compositing :thumbsup:

• Virtuoso
Thanks for your Kind words Michael, Coming from you, they are sure a compliment to be proud of :beer:

• Keep Going boys! the Space Opera is in it’s last work days, (I feel kind of sad saying that) but everything that has a start, has an End, and I am very happy to have met such nice people and great artist as all of you, I also Hope many other Challenges can come and to be able to participate and of course find you all here to Rumble the earth one more time :smiley:


Excellent texture Climax!!!:thumbsup:
I like it!! :bounce:

Wainting for update!! :beer:


I like these textures of SpaceCow man… more more more :beer:


…of course i agree on this …and i am waiting for more. :slight_smile:


Very nice update - those ships rock! :thumbsup: