Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Omar Carias


hahahahahahaha “passenger deintegrate” :scream:

Textures are great man… looks very good :thumbsup:


Nice texture job, it fits the “stored away for a long time” look.


it drives soo fast, even passenger deintegrate, thaths why is by now control remoted manipulated :smiley:
very good job on your jeep friend…everytime i come here i see amazing quality work…and lots of creativity…:thumbsup:


man that vehicle is so nice i really like it looks like an advanced luna park car its amazing:thumbsup:

can’t wait for more updates keep em coming mate:bounce:


Nice textures! :thumbsup: Maybe some different color from that grey or some variations…

it drives soo fast, even passenger deintegrate,

lol! :slight_smile:

Maybe you want to add some more “used” feeling especially in the lower parts of the veh…
Also read the front moto “EARTH PEACE FORCES”…no comment :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Waiting for more…


Zoooooooooooooooooooooom…fast lane city…Only gutsy bad arse dudes need apply…:buttrock:

Do some of your better friends get one of these this Holiday season :cool: …Now that is one great job Omar…really well done,a cool design…and done from modeling to textures in top rate form…Again very nice,and congrats on a very nice job…I will be watching for more wonderful things here for sure…Now fastlane time it is…:cool: :buttrock:


Hehehe!! Excellent update!! Like the texture!

This Jeep have a very good style!! :thumbsup:
Keep going man, your work is very cool!! :cool:


Wow! Super work on the texture!! :applause: I love the dirt, dings, and rust! Looks very weathered. I was going to ask how you steer it, but you answered that with the remote bit.

Hmm… can’t think of any crits… just really well done! :thumbsup:


Well Mr. Omar… well done:thumbsup: Realistic texture, great! I only have three things to say:

  1. The green glowy areas should be brighter a little bit, now when looking on it I feel some doubts if thos should be glowing, or not(and I understand that they should)
  2. Is there some steering device…?
  3. Keep the great development, I’ll be back:twisted:


what a wonderful car! … i am lovin it … why didn`t u post it for peugeto 3rd contest :))))


i’ll buy those… if those were real… update Omar…keep rocking!


i have to say your own car looks very photorealistic…! :rolleyes::smiley:
great job Omar…!!! excellent texturing… and much more impressive then any HDRI shit…! :applause::thumbsup:
i just think, for us (ie the folk loving hot spectacles) you could include in the image some deintegrating passengers… :smiley:
keep this the greatest work up my friend and cheers… :beer:


• Lemog, Ace4016, Lelantos, Rattlesnake, Virtuoso, Terrarc, SuperXCM, Nehura, Markovicd, Arturro, Uwil and Greentek

• I appreciate your support very much, it is like fuel to my soul to keep working, I may not win the challenge but I’ve got very good friends in the journey :beer: and that’s more important for me, also I’ve learned very much from u all and the work u do is impressive, this has been my first challenge and I will never forget your encouraging words, I hope many others can come, and meanwhile keep having Fun!! :buttrock: :buttrock: :smiley:


Hi good models you got there i realy like the final resault on your jeep looks great! and the composition of your sketches are super if this is what you are going to use in your final rendering. Anyway looking forward to see this in one piece:thumbsup:


I feel special:) . What are you going to work on next? Looks like you have everything modeled and ready to work on the compositon.


great job in the “Paint shop” on that land speeder…very convinviing texture work…you 're pulling this off wonderfully…now what are you doing sleeping…get back to work shrimpY… :argh:


yes friends are most important … other… less :stuck_out_tongue:


• This are some of the props for the scouts, There are no weapons in my thread except the Robot’s since they are no Militars, Old “Earth Peace Forces” were the last Human army, the Story tells that 11 ships comanded by the last 2 generals separed from the group arguing they were better prepared for finding habitable conditions in Space, they were wrong… all the armament they took was the Amotination weapons the crew used when they saw they wouldn’t find a planet to live, some other ships left without the nessesary crew wandered in Dark space until they find their own dead, some says they found better life after all…, 7 ships were left from earth exodus, 4 of them headed to “Drako” the 3 left headed to “Aquila” this are the one in my picture, Years later when stablished, they started a big search in space with the hope of finding them also stablished in an habitable planet, they succeded finding 2 ships…but no living creatures were found, binnacles said one of them crashed against an astheroid and the other due to technical failures was evacuated and the survivors stayed in the 2 remaining ships…useless…
The 3 ships of my story ( don’t know the name yet) would never forget how lucky they were in finding this planet, and how close were the human of Earth to be extinguish forever…

• If u read this, I thank u for your time, sorry about my deadful grammar :smiley: and the boring tale :slight_smile:


• The scouts ready for texturing


• I hope u like them, I didn’t want to use the old baroque concept of filling them with useless detail, they wear simple clothes because fashion didn’t exist in the ships.
• I hope I am better as 3D artist than Story teller :smiley: