Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


Nice dynamic form… but for WIP purposes, I think it might be better to post images with a li’l more visual clarity. The visuals look nicely styled (kinda comic book like) which is cool, but takes away ro the purpose of this round of critique.
Good going… love to see how this comes along


Archways details…
I’m also working on the upper and second row of archways.


hi Deadly Force

nice progress, but I hope you remain true to your early drawings, as I love their composition
it has a mystical feel to it, like an un known evil thats on its way

all the best



By the way, I didn’t set any kind of lighting at the moment. The lights in the scene were put there in less than 10mn just to see something while modeling and updating.

As for the ships, I’m not certain that there will be some in the scene. But it’s a possibility I’m considering though.

I agree that the best workflow seems to be : modeling and placing objects then lighting and rendering. But sometimes one can choose a different approach. My choice varies accordingly to the time I have to complete the project, my inspiration and the way I intend to model things (nurbs, subdiv, patching, cloning and assembling pieces etc…).

Anyway thanks for the comments and crits. They’re always welcomed !:thumbsup:


@patina :

I’ll try to remain true to my early sketches but as you can see the shapes have evolved a little…however archways and cathedral feel are back which is my main goal.:bounce:
I hope that the lighting will emphasize that evil and mysterious mood you’re talking of.

Cya !:thumbsup:


Hi Norman…You have a very nice design and organic approach/appeal to your work…The work looks like it has a very nice flow,and an elegant feel…I’ll wait for more as you put this together,go at it strong Norman,your work is promising…:arteest: :cool:


The archways are slowly taking shape…


@Virtuoso : Thanks friend ! your words are encouraging !

Now about the last update : obviously the flashy windows in the foreground are struggling with the ones in the background…I’ll have to make choices and to choose options but this is not the time.
There is still modeling work ahead ! :buttrock::buttrock:

I hope I’ll manage to finish everything before the deadline !


Details about the archways…


Nice going friend…too many details on the arcways…waiting for more :bounce:


Really interesting entry this is! I like the way you mix ornamental with the dark architectural mood - very cool :cool: No crits from me I just follow your thread with pleasure.


Planet map, lighting and modeling will be modified…just placing elements and basic shaders (like the planet atmosphere) here…


A few more details…


Happy New Year Norman! :bounce:


Awesome stuff man. Keep at it. Have a happy new year.


Happy new year everyone ! :slight_smile:


I got bored sick watching the archway updates , now I know to let you have your time
tinkering with the details so I can start worshiping the end result :bowdown:

and happy new year to you too :slight_smile:


lol :smiley:

You know, I love 3D, I love being in front of the computer for hours and everything but here I’m bored with my own archways updates too sometimes…besides I don’t promise great updates anymore (like “tomorrow a great archway update that will blow you out of your chair!” :D), I try to end before the deadline and we’ll see what the end result will be…



haha yea , at times it can be so frustrating having to work with some piece when
you already want to start the next one …that’s the main reason I start multiple
objects and the work with what I feel like :slight_smile:
I too , am struggling to get it all done before the deadline :slight_smile:


The pattern is too recognizable. First tests here…