Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


Okay ! now a few words about the udates :

1 These are not the great Christmas updates you deserve…sorry…but that will come…

2 at this point there are several issues that are not easy to deal with about modeling. Among others :

  • I used subdiv to build the model which is ok because of the organic look of some parts. But my CPU is fighting with polycount now and I must take care of that. For an example, the 5 instances of the model in the background are now low poly copies of the original (very rough ones for now).

  • Sub detailing is obviously essential to have the scale of the elements in the scene. But sub detailing repeating patterns on (accurate) curves and with subdiv is not something I’m used to. However I solved the problem and I can go on.

3 The stars in the background are not coming from a NASA shot this time. These are made of 2 spheric clouds of single point polys. I don’t remember the exact count but I will duplicate them more times later. Of course I will render it in a specific scene with just the stars. I still have to paint a nebula model in the next days.

Cya ! :wip::wavey:


Hi Deadly Force

I like your development, its very interesting, epic in scale, cant wait to see the lighting,

I would like to see richer textures, theres still some time still to go,

check my link

Paul P. Patina


A very dark but interesting way of lighting things. I will head in that direction.


Nothing particular here, just tests…:wink:


I don’t have much time but I’ll do my best to deliver other (modeling and texturing) updates during the week.

Good luck everyone !


i dont think u should make scene “dark way” … but if u want so ok :slight_smile:


Ok I understand that you find it dark now, because it is !:smiley:

Of course this is really too dark. I do not wish to make a black high res picture for the challenge. :DThis is just a step.
The idea is to use the luminous windows to give that cathedral feel I’m looking for since the beginning. Considering that, I have to work on the other parts to make them visible or distinguishable. There are many ways to do that and among others the neon glows are my main option.

There is also a high probability to have a planet somewhere in the picture…:slight_smile:

Thanks for dropping by anyway !:thumbsup:

See ya !


ok ok … i get the point what u are doing!.. this last 2 renders are better… but if u could just liitle bit… just little lighten them up it would be great! :slight_smile:
and i am always droping by here :stuck_out_tongue:


Works like this should be in a book. Your execution of this project is a fine example of how to proceed in these contests, great concept sketches and design evolution carried through to modeling. Yet another to add to my growing list of posts to watch.

sorry, no critiques except appears a bit dark relative to the brightness of the “windows”, and to watch the contrast of these against the backround assuming the backround is the pale yellow (starfield…).

thank you,


@paladin6303 : are you really thinking what your saying ? because the evolution of my project on this challenge is kind of erratic to say the least:shrug:…(this is also true that I don’t have much time but I imagine that I’m not the only one in that case).

Anyway thanks for the compliment ! :slight_smile:


well it depends on what u compare it to cause like i ain’t ever thinkin and got no idea what im
doin so compared to that your work is more methodical n sophisticated n stuff yes ?

but he ain’t that wrong really cause to u it might sound erratic but doesn’t evolution
test stuff and then throw it away if it don’t work ? well in theory anyways :slight_smile:
so then your work might be very evolutionary :slight_smile:

bah i dunno , laters :slight_smile:


@paladin6303 : are you really thinking what your saying ? because the evolution of my project on this challenge is kind of erratic to say the least…(this is also true that I don’t have much time but I imagine that I’m not the only one in that case).

Not a lot of sleep lately, but looking at the sequence of images posted on the challenge page…yes I was thinking. :slight_smile:

What I was seeing was a fairly logical progression of shapes and white space from the initial thumbnails to cathedralesque(?) shape studies transforming into the current design. Just the perspective of an outside observer.



@paladin6303 and Squibbit :

I guess I was devaluating my work…and outside observers perspectives are always welcome. It proves to be refreshing sometimes. My thanks to both of you for your comments!:slight_smile:

And if needed don’t forget the crits : “you’re so lazy!”…“where are those damn textures?”…“two month to model 3 quads ? you’re inefficient!”…:smiley:

Anyway the truth is that there is plenty of work ahead on the model and not much time to achieve it. :deal:

I’ll see what I can do…:buttrock:


A few evolutions with modeling, a change of format (larger than before) and a little temporary texture test with the luminosity channel…

Bonnes fêtes à tous !


this image really provokes a powerful atmosphere… the lighting is really cool… is that done in post or in the 3D render?


Very well done man. Have a happy and safe holiday!


The last render looks great! :thumbsup:

Some color variation maybe? :shrug: Don’t know…just a question…

Best wishes and merry christmas :slight_smile:


Still modeling…
The lighting is temporary of course. The luminosity textures too. The stars are made of polys-points. I don’t remember the exact number…


Hi everyone !

@hydrocell : everything was made within the 3d software. No post-effects at this point.

@||) |V| |^| : thanks !

@terraarc : it is obvious that I prefer monochromatic scenes but I may try color variations. This could be very interesting…

Next target : buying an extra Go of RAM…:buttrock:

Thanks for your comments !


You’re doing what I did, spent a lot of time on the lighting before I set up
all of my objects. Then I found out the lighting wasn’t cutting it as I thought
on the new objects…I’d suggest getting all the 3d objects, like ships and
characters in place before using up a lot of time with the lighting. This is
just my first challenge, and actually I never set up such a complex scene

my 3d entry