Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


The first light tests. It’s too early to talk about it…the neon tubes are temporary…


Spooky…not enough lighting. But in the future I’ll deal with luminous tainted-glasses(or more neons) I think. So we’ll see what the results will be.


Spontaneously I would say that the neons work really well… it might also go better with a general sci-fi theme than the window idea. Though the latter is certainly more original of course… But in the end, I think neon strips will pay off.


@JamesMK : thanks for your comments !
I’m modeling details and working on those junctions between lower and upper parts.
About neons : yes I find that they work well. By the way when I talk about windows I mean more neon glows than holes and glass.:slight_smile:

I have some ideas and stories taking shape too…


deadly i think tht it is to dark… the last render ::slight_smile:


hi Norman…
yap… you’re right… more neon glows should do their job just fine…
and in general fancy lighting, made with taste, always looks extremely impresive… :smiley:
best of luck mate and cheers… :beer:


Lighting is looking interesting! :thumbsup:

I think if you go with more refractive and semi-transparent textures with most of this construct the result should look spooky and grande for sure…something like the last plane of action in the Titans movie…where the two ships are searching for Titan - ship in an ice-asteroid field…

I think I got carried away…:D…

Surely you have some great vision behind these windows…and i’ll be around to watch it grow! :slight_smile:


I think neon lighting with “Gothic” like trim,would be both beautiful and at the sametime original…You are one fine artist Norman,and your work speaks for itself…I like your entry very much,and think that the best is yet to come…I like your direction and overall plan,I lke the flow and style…Keep going,it’s going to be well worth it for sure…:arteest: :buttrock:


The piece that is mirrored and duplicated several times…


By the way, I’m getting sick of those green window-things in the model. I’ll have to think seriously about that.


I forgot to mention that, of course, the junction is not over…
Next : detailing other parts.:banghead::arteest::wip::wip:


Very nice modeling. Has an eerie sorta gothica feel to it. Good job. Hope to see more.


tchao, l’imze.

Je suis déjà passé plein de fois mais j’avais oublié mon mot de passe pour poster un petit mot.

Eh bien, toujours aussi beau, ces éléments d’architectures Gaudi-gothique international. Il y a une véritable élégance qui va finir par devenir ta marque de fabrique, si tu ne fais pas attention…

Accolade, féloches




Thanks everyone for your nice replies !:thumbsup:
I’m experiencing difficulties to find solutions…I hope I’ll post something quickly…:shrug:


come one… w8ing for reply


Just dropping by to say that I’m not dead yet and still working on that #!"*#^ç"& second level of modeling details…:smiley:
When I will have finished that space opera challenge there will be many things to say about my workflow for sure…:rolleyes:

Now, no precise date for the next update but it’s on its way ! :wip:


Mine’s worst…

They should set up a prize for that, i’d win :stuck_out_tongue:


Sub-detail research 1


Sub-Detail research 2


Sub-detail research 3