Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


@jddog : thanks for encouraging me !

@faridz7 : yes, it’s a little complicated…too much sometimes. Thanks for support !

@overcontrast : Thanks for your words !

@patina : yes this is the inside of the ship, un fortunately the ship is so big this is nearly impossible to fit some characters in the same picture. I didn’t plan to put anyone in the scene…

@thanks for dropping by !

@3D-ima Green : thanks !

@Daniel McMillan : thanks for your comments !

@greentek : yes I am aware of that edges problem, especially for the foreground of the image. I’ll try to fix that the sooner as possible.

@nataz : the final piece shouldn’t be as dark as this one. I will work on the lighting later. Thanks !

See ya !:wavey:


yes, yes Norman… this gonna be something nice:thumbsup: I like your background… yellows aren’t popular for backgrounds in space, that makes your work more original. And I must say htat this yellow looks very good. Your model is also very unique, I can’t wait for next updates:twisted:


your litle test is good:eek:


@arturro : yellow ? aaaargh ! so I’m really color-blind ! I thought this was a yellow-green !:surprised
I must ask the question to some friends of mine before posting next time !!:smiley:

@glim : thanks ! I won’t consider things like “little-testing” when there will be detail and scale on the model…:arteest:

I’m thinking about stained-glass “windows” too (remember, that was a cathedral-based concept…hum)…



starting to get the same feelin as in machineflesh contest… yeah!
also come to mind B5 shadowships and spiky spine … all cool ! :slight_smile:

u still not gonna say what it is ?


With that background pic in place it really makes a lot of sense. :thumbsup: Very cool… ancient relic feeling somehow. Coloured cathedralish windows is probably worth a test… it could either work really well or end up looking a bit tacky… definitely worth a test.


@Squibbit :

ah yes, I remember you asking the question once before : well, this is probably some sort of gigantic space gun or battering ram (a death machine of some kind). At the center is (should be ?) the cannon and an entire civilisation was built and is living around it (the spike-looking archways are buildings)…
One could say that they are the “Gun-worshippers” (doesn’t sounds good, I should work on it :curious:). They were born to destroy (aah THAT sounds good)…:smiley:

This said, it is very likely that I will come back with a different story a few days before the deadline…the story helps finding the shape and the shapes model a different story…but enough philosophy for tonight !:stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I will try the cathedralish windows…we’ll see if this works or not. About the background I’m not sure of anything : some half destroyed planet could be very interesting…with drifting rocks floating from the planet to the inside of the ship…
Thanks for your comments !


ooo yea ! the gun, the gun!! the people would go about their businesses carrying an
oiled rag in the backpocket - even the suits- and every once in a while they would
stop and give the MAG (Mother of All Guns) a good polish!

then they would have a huge display showing the time of next round to be fired,
and the casuality estimate , etc. Then u add the half-destroyed planet in the
background :smiley:


Hey man the background is very very nice with some cool composition it will be some great peace of art bTw is that photo or painted background or overpainted photo :slight_smile: thanks ciao and good luck


@Squibbit :
lol I think you’ve got the idea…:smiley: On the other hand the people inside the structure could be dead because of radiations of some sort. This would be a very “Star Trek” oriented idea, plus turning the whole thing to a necropolis (I love necropolis)…just thoughts…

@Divaise :
unfortunately the background is just an unmodified (except hue and saturation) NASA picture. It was only meant to be a test and I will paint (or use 3D for stars) another one in due time. Thanks for comments !


hey mr.Rosenstech nice little test u got there… looking really good… btw r u gonna use any kind of mash smoothing or something?.. caus erite now ur model of the big structure looks a lit low poly… just a thought… anyways great work u got there… keep that wheel turning!!>…


There is already a level 3 subdiv on the mesh at this point. As suggested by Greentek I will make the mesh denser in some areas. Not mentioning that it will get more denser when the details will be added.
But I don’t want to have some freaky polycount either so the textures should play an important rule in the end.

Thanks for your comments !

PS : I will post some “mesh views” soon.


On the other hand the people inside the structure could be dead because of radiations of some sort.

yea the other planet could’ve struck back with biowarfare, taken these gun crazy people
with them. At first the gun crazys would be winning , destroying the other planet, then
they realize they been inflicted with this virus or whatever that came from the other planet.

You could have in the dead city, protruding from a wall , a missile, out of which crawl these
spider thingys… the spider thingys couldve killed eveybody…or just spread the disease…


awesome … I like the latest update you posted…

kinda reminds me of the Zerg in Starcraft, your designs rock


This is the base model used to build the network. The mesh has been refined in many areas (smoothed curves) though I am aware that there are still problems…


The corresponding mesh…


Just wanted to try something…the results are awful but stimulating :wink:


Oh by the way there are no triangles in the mesh at this point which I’m always proud of ! :applause:

Allright, now that the 5min texture playtime has passed I will enter sub-detailing mode :slight_smile:
I promise real interesting updates in the next few days before texturing the model.


looking good , looking good :slight_smile:


A modeling test : trying to join (unsuccessfully) the upper and lower parts of the model pattern.

On the other hand this is an interesting point of view that allows the placement of a planet under the structure.I’ll keep this one among the others…