Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


Very nice Norman…Your concepts are getting justice now into 3D…I think just go with the flow,think a little,but let the reactions be free,just go with the flow.Your work feels loose,free,keep that in.I think you have a good overall plan,and the work is appealing,it looks natural,and not too over planned…Looking very nice,keep up the very nice work Norman…:thumbsup:


Hi Norman,

You have some really interesting shapes going on here. Alien/Giger influenced patterns loko really good.



Few improvements to the model (but important ones I think): the archways that were divided in 2 parts are only made of one now. There is a better integration between the “complex windows” part and the archways too.
Many parts still look like Giger “blob” stuff but I’ll work on it. :wink:


@DimitrisLiatsos : the pattern will repeat, that’s certain. But I will introduce holes and anomalies to break it.

@HieSpike : thanks for support !

@jammin : thanks ! I should begin to work more on the foreground and make some texturing tests…to have an idea of the scale (and render times:eek:)

@rattlesnake : thanks for your nice words !

@penumbrae : true, there is something art nouveau in my designs. However “l’art nouveau” is more about plants and flower shapes. I’m more inspired by bone shapes. We’ll see were it leads me…thanks for your comments !

@greentek : thanks for support. There are not many things to say at this point :slight_smile: I’m trying to work faster ! (I’ll have to if I want to meet the deadline)

@maranello55 : yes, the tunnel has to be repetitive, but not too much. I have to think about it. Thanks !

@terraarc : thanks for dropping by !

@Virtuoso : thanks for your great support ! your words are really encouraging !

@jamacsween : thanks !

I’m working on the object, thanks everyone for nice comments and/or crits !:thumbsup:
I hope I’ll manage to post other updates this week !


Damn cool…I want to see more!

Cheers! :buttrock:


umm…what is this construct of yours ?


Amazing sketches and architectural concept, is really an interesting and great work. A melange with gotic, gaudi and Giger… really love it. Keep it up… :wip:



Just another POV…


this is one great-looking complicated model! nothing new to say , pretty much agree with most ppl that your piece rocks! :scream:


huh?.. how did this thread sliped out of my eyes?.. amazing work mate… i can c you got soem great concepts to back u up… very neat modeling, very neat and clean so far… keep going man… i’ll b dropping by often;) :thumbsup: good luck


Nice Modeling, and design and lighting, is it the inside of the ship, cant wait to see some characters,

my link

Paolo P,


It’s getting a really nice semi-abstract feel somehow… at this point I can only wait and see what happens next :cool:


oo thats massive!
respect! :buttrock:


I really enjoyed looking at your cathedral sketches, and look forward to seeing the big picture.
Nicely built models and scene execution as well.



I’m still thinking about shapes and everything and things are moving a little.

This is not 100% sure but the final structure should be some kind of huge galactic cannon or battering ram. Of course an entire civilisation is living in its core…


I find it very difficult to model things on curved surfaces using subdiv and assuming that my shapes were not very well planned. So I decided to break things at different points.
Modular sections are easier to place and fit together. It gives more freedom to create interesting geometry.


hi Norman…
going nice friend…! :thumbsup:
i think you can make your mesh denser cos in some areas are visible crisp edges… at high resolution you’ll get a lot of probs with it so i think it’s better to consider that from the very beginning…
keep going strong and fast my friend…! and cheers… :beer:



I like the movement of the different pieces on this one. The cannon is performing some kind of reprogramming sequence :wink:

Now it’s time to add scale and details to the model…


Just a little test…


:eek: soooooo coooooool !!! :bounce:
can’t wait to see it with appropriate lighting (unless you plan to keep it this dark?).