Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


Needless to say that the spores look like bubbles.:smiley:


@DimitrisLiatsos, Virtuoso, thanks guys ! :buttrock:

you know, here I’m particularly trying to do the best I can to save a project that was made in the worst conditions. I’m not so happy with the 3d results and since I have chosen the wrong methods in the beginning, the scene was a nightmare to deal with in the software…
We learn more from our failures than our success so there is hope…:smiley:
I had interesting sketches too and I didn’t followed them. Argh ! what went wrong ?

@Mefisto, Squibbit : I have some “ideas” for sexy babies in the future don’t worry !:thumbsup:
The picture should be ready in time for what it’s worth…
By the way Squibbit, is that galactic wallpaper ready ? hmm, I guess I’ll have to drop by your thread to check this. Here we go !




great looking images Norman, kind of chromatic…feel to it.:buttrock:


I hope you will post full version of your work soon… I can’t wait!!! :smiley:


hey how did u do those spiderwebby things in the air ?

they look strangely fascinating


Wow Deadly, that’s amazing.
It’s a book cover, no doubt about it.
Outstanding, unique and beautiful!!!


@uwil, Mefisto, EmpY :

thank you ! a book cover ? well why not ? I just have to find a publisher now…:rolleyes:

@Squibbit : the spiderwebby things in the air are fractal patterns. Of course I modified them to fit my scene but they prove to be more than useful in the process of creating 3d textures or patterns.:wise:


looks very good deadly!


It looks like we’ve got a final image here…:wink: if nothing went wrong.


i would add that it looks deadly as well :slight_smile:
Excellent work and really hig-end textures :applause:


Congratulations on finishing your entry, your entry has a great sense of scale. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I had forgotten a little detail…


very beautiful shapes and colors…is vary nice compositon that has your great style

well done man…congrats:thumbsup::applause:


Ummm… i see no difference between those pics-both are excellent ! :thumbsup:


@taavi, AirbORn, rattlesnake : thanks for your kind words !:bounce:

The difference between the 2 pictures is a little specular lighting added to the smallest bubbles…for better contrast.:rolleyes:


The most fanrastic work I’ve ever seen!!! BRAVO man!!! :applause: :applause: :applause::applause::bounce::bounce::bounce:


I wonder where was this thread hidden…
…Well, better now than never.
Very good Job pal! I wish u the best!


Hi Norman,

Good job, dude! You’ve come a long way from an unconfident beginning!

Now that you’ve done a second award-worth picture, stop doing this, 'cause I think you should become a modern cathedral architect…


A plute, mec



@rattlesnake, Mefisto, Climax : thank you ! that challenge was very difficult and at the end finishing it was my only concern ! :thumbsup:

@armel : you could add an unconfident ending too…as for the cathedrals, too bad I failed this one but I’ll build a real one some day. And don’t forget the essential : Steven Seagal rules ! :smiley: …à cette semaine ! :beer: