Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


Problems are common, me thinks, at this point. Been crashing all day. To many vertices, not enough RAM, several little hiccups that make you loose a few steps here and there. Anyway, its looking great man, keep at it!


Despite my efforts, there are still too many flashlights and the (first) spore mine (or whatever else) is not well placed. The planet luminous map is not ok too. Not mentioning the last modeling steps…:wip::hmm:


hey man, i really like the light and the colour scheme. want to see the final image… keep it up


A dark and sureal ambiant piece Norman.Well designed with a nice flow and elegant appeal.nice last renders.The mood is nice,and has a special touch.I hope to see the final just as you invisioned it,very nice work,good luck,and all the best to you…:arteest: :arteest:


oh…that last render test is just great mate!..i love the details youre modeling…great job…as always :thumbsup:


WOW that really amazing and the last render (with this green mood) is really cool :applause: and a big :thumbsup: congrats man !!!



That is fascinating!:slight_smile:
good luck!


Not enough time left…I’ll do my best…




The layers are separated on a per object basis…


Thanks for your support everyone !:thumbsup:


Keep going Deadly…i am waiting for this …i love this style… :bounce:


Good luck Norman…I am pulling for you…I wish you the best at completing your art here,It’s very nice,and interesting.I will look for your final soon…:arteest:


I love your style man… :thumbsup: Make some more sexy baby next time. :smiley: :applause:


lol yea where the hot woman ? pic raady soon , yes ? :arteest::arteest::wip::wip:


No comments here :wink:


2D adjustments…


Hue, saturation, glow, curves and everything !!


At this stage, playing with RGB (and separate channels) curves was very useful. The problem with that picture is that everything glows or shine which makes it difficult to understand and to read. Not mentioning that the 3D effect doesn’t help in that case.:wise:

So I decided to “flatten” a little the contrasts (which is funny because I enhanced it two minutes before but still it is useful) with the curves. The result is a little better and gives an aquatic feel to the planet area. There are no particles or dust in space so blurring the distant parts of the ship was not an option. However, pushing the aquatic effect of the planet atmosphere is an interesting alternative. One could say that we are in some kind of nebula too. Well, whatever.



I added a lens flare to simulate a sun. It emphasize nicely the planet mood. This one is approximately 50% intensity because it is supposed to be partly blocked by the atmosphere thickness.

Just like under the water in a way.