Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


loving your attention to detail -it’s really paying off



Just playing with the windows luminosity here. It is pretty close to the look I’d like to achieve.

I also wanted to check for UV distortions on the planet map (which is only the top of a sphere) at 2048x2048 res.


Planet surfacing test…


Thats a very surreal effect norman…A nice look.A far off distant appearance,just the right effect …It reminds some of the visual efects of the latest Riddick movie…Nicely done…:arteest:




@Virtuoso :

Chronicles of Riddick…I love that movie indeed. I watched Solaris recently too, which is obviously part of my inspiration. There is much to be done before the deadline.

Cya and thanks for dropping by !:thumbsup:


yap, I can see both movies in your work:) they have inspired you, not made you repeat something, and that is even better. I like the spirit of mistery and a bit of fear in your work. Well, waiting for more:)



great work man, very clean and the composition looks promising. I love how you direct the focus to the top right of the image.

Nice, subtle gothic influences are cool too.

Good luck with it


very cool stuff…can’t wait to see the final…wow






close up of the previous one…


It sounds obvious that I will have to balance the different lighting (and glowing) areas to avoid each of them “struggling” with the other.

@Ionized :

It is also true that the focus point is in the top right of the image which is not fortunate beacause I intended to focus on the planet. I’ll fix that in the next and final updates.

Thanks for your comments !:buttrock:


very good so far. Lord of the space rings?, I like it!


whoa, by far one of the coolest planets i’ve seen. Your work has a very special feel to it, a very unique surrealistic mood that i just can’t seem to explain properly…In any case it’s very very good!



Deadly, I love your work and style, man!!!
That thing is both, scary and beautiful…


Trying to add some life on the surface here. I’m not sure it is really useful…


Those things should head towards the planet. A threat ?

The only threat I see at the moment is the deadline…:-/


@Darkone2652, keetmun, EmpY : thanks guys !
I’ll try to meet the deadline now…this is my only goal.:thumbsup:

Cya for the last week of updates… : no updates monday and tuesday though…:shrug:


Many problems in the picture…lot of work to do…:wink: