Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


The most fanrastic work I’ve ever seen!!! BRAVO man!!! :applause: :applause: :applause::applause::bounce::bounce::bounce:


I wonder where was this thread hidden…
…Well, better now than never.
Very good Job pal! I wish u the best!


Hi Norman,

Good job, dude! You’ve come a long way from an unconfident beginning!

Now that you’ve done a second award-worth picture, stop doing this, 'cause I think you should become a modern cathedral architect…


A plute, mec



@rattlesnake, Mefisto, Climax : thank you ! that challenge was very difficult and at the end finishing it was my only concern ! :thumbsup:

@armel : you could add an unconfident ending too…as for the cathedrals, too bad I failed this one but I’ll build a real one some day. And don’t forget the essential : Steven Seagal rules ! :smiley: …à cette semaine ! :beer:


Congradulations Norman! That is simply stunning! Very awesome, it will be in my wallpaper collection for sure! You have had a bunch of hardware/software issues to overcome, but I sure am glad you did. I hope to see more artwork of yours in the future man, keep with it, stay true to your form and explore where this image has started, cause I want more of it!


incredible and unique mood… I really like the spirit of this picture. Sceary a bit ad mysterious:) I wish you best and see you on the next challenge:twisted:


Very nice mood : your imagination is beautiful…
Congrats ! :applause:


Wow. I love how your final turned out, Norman. Excellent job.


Hello DeadlyForce…nice final image…has some Lovecraft and “lurking evil” on it for me…which is pretty cool!! :thumbsup:

Best wishes…


that’s art, man! Nasty,too. Just like in machine flesh…I knew you’d do it again.
And you always get away with these one color shades so easily…haha…:thumbsup:


that is indeed a very nice entry :applause:


Yess this is really an excellent wok and I really love the design and colors that you have here… a big :applause: and a :thumbsup:



Definitely. But I’ll be darned if you could actually fit that thing into a normal-sized kitchen to start with.

:smiley: …sorry, irresistible…


@jddog : yes an excellent wok and as my signature says : nobody beats me in the kitchen…the circle is now complete !! …sorry I couldn’t resist too…:smiley:

@JamesMK : great !! :smiley:

@flyingP, terraarc, Arctis, arturro : thanks guys !

@||) |V| |^| : yeah thank you. But you know the software/hardware has nothing to do with my mistakes. The man behind the keyboard is the only cause…:slight_smile:

@Squibbit : I hope you don’t think I use one color shades because I’m weak in the way of colouring things ? …I would answer that if it’s not entirely true, it is not totally wrong either…:smiley:


hahah…… lol, gosh me and my keyboard (and my english)… haha

James… this evening to dinner a Rabbit :twisted: … :D…



I hope you don’t think I use one color shades because I’m weak in the way of colouring things ? …I would answer that if it’s not entirely true, it is not totally wrong either…:smiley:

hey no i just thought it a preference… way cool .

btw , I checked out your website , excellent stuff there too mightily inspiring
, really liked the video with the most fitting Entombed music, that rocked…
what’s the story behind that one ?


Your website is cool also man… :thumbsup:


@Squibbit : well, the video itself is from june 2003 so it is really some old work.
Now, to answer your question I’d say that this one was made while I was watching Babylon 5 and Deep Space 9 so it was mostly about conspiracy and galactic wars. I tried to include some Lovecraft influences in it too. There is no real story behind it because I am not so good at writing scripts and I decided to create some kind of trailer.
A very useful format for deconstructed narrative.

Now it is possible that I extend that short trailer into something more consistent one of these days…or not. But the idea remains.

I’m glad you liked Entombed :slight_smile: this is by far one of the most powerful metal bands of the planet even if their actual work is sometimes less interesting than before.

@Mefisto : thanks !


you have my vote man :thumbsup:


Hey, where is your avatar Mr Joss ? :slight_smile:
Thank you !