Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Norman Rosenstech


Norman Rosenstech has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: FINAL

I had forgotten a little detail…


I’m back !
Just warming up my brain before posting the first sketches.:banghead:
Good luck to everyone !


Hi ! Welcome and may your work be as great as your
MachineFlesh entry and more !


First (quick) sketches tomorrow…
No story yet, but a single word or a short sentence will do the trick better than any long description.


Still working on the concept idea.


Okay, these are my first quick sketches for the challenge.
Actually they look more like doodles (is this the right word in english?) than real concepts.

Nevertheless I find it very useful to begin with such sketches because it helps me free my mind of the first (and often less interesting) ideas I have. Or maybe I’ll develop one of those concepts later…

At this point I’m not completely satisfied with any of them.
Back to work !:bounce:


that’s pretty cool ,the thing that least interesting ideas come to you first.
Not that I want bad ideas to come to you first , but in a philosophical sort
of way.
I often have the best idea first , otfen the first idea is not the best , that’s
why I like to take the time to think about it :slight_smile:

Your MachineFlesh entry (here) was such well executed ,that
it is always fun to behold .
It would be great if you will come up with something as great again.

my only comment would be with those shipyard pics : the face maybe shouldn’t
take the entire front ; and the bottom , the ‘belly’ shouldn’t be so square and smooth
(yea I realize they’re just sketches, but just in case) :slight_smile:


those doodles have great vision and composition, however, small! Keep going!


Here are some concepts again.
Nothing exciting yet…
However I’ll try to have the final concept by the end of the week.


:bounce: Have fun man…:slight_smile:


Mmmmh…though the subject seems simple, it is really difficult to wander away from sci fi classics.

Whatever, here is a more precise concept. I’m still working on it.


A few words about the last sketch :

Of course the material will not be classical medieval stone…:slight_smile:

I don’t have any additional object or foreground element that could give the real scale of the object for the moment (which is huge you have guessed of course; some kind of floating city or entire civilisation).

No little story yet…

So, back to work now !


Oh by the way,

@Squibbit : thanks for your support ! Your comments are always welcome even on some quick sketches only I can decipher !:smiley:

@polymath : thanks !

@DimitrisLiatsos : good to see you here !

See ya everyone !


ok, good to see your working on the contest piece!

I’ll visit here later and look more carefully on this with better time.
(I should’ve gone to bed couple of hours ago … stuck watching Galactica :blush: )


Finally I’m starting to wander away from my initial inspiration (cathedrals) while keeping the spirit of it.
It is turning to something more fantasy like. Still I’ve got to find a modern (scifi) feel to the structures.


Different placement of the elements, more dramatic feeling maybe in this one. I’m trying to maintain the rule of third (nothing spectacular really, but efficient in most cases).

Next I will work on one alcove and the details that come along with because that is what will dictate the real dimensions of the objects (the foreground is important too).

No story yet, but I guess I will find something during the creation process…


I’ve been running a few 3D tests with primitive objects and guess what : that kind of composition implies forced perspective with curved objects…:argh:
Not difficult to do in fact but it could lead to bad surprises when trying to place the camera (unwanted deformations in the foreground for an example).
This is my first space scene…

I will think about it more before going into 3D. Modeling will be easier if the concept is well defined (a different one maybe ? or not).:wip:


nice sketching! i have subscribed your thread …my best wishes for u man!! il be watching u!


Thanks rattlesnake !!

I’m still thinking and sketching at this time.
Trying to refine the base-concepts I’ve got so far.

I’m risking brain damage but the fuses are holding so far…:smiley:


it’s got a definite gothic/stained glass feel to the design. i like the sharpness of it.