Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Nikita


Your hard work has really payed off - congratulations on a wonderful final image! good luck!


The story of this image is inside the concept sketch milestone.
Its about new life that was sleeping for years.
Thanks Soapy and Arturro for your suggestions
they really helped me.
I also would like to thank my friends Vitaliy Yakimenko, D.E.M. and a beautiful Satura for their support :slight_smile:
Ocean of many 3d packages and plugins and dozens of photoshop layers on the planet CG
was an exciting one!!!



Wow that image shows some awsome imagination there Alladin! Really nice modeling too i have saved this one if you don’t mind. I can see you have put in a huge effort here with this! Nice work :thumbsup:

Good luck in the finals
Kind Regards


exellent work man :applause:
good luck in this Chal…


Amazing image, scares the hell out of me…fantastic job goodluck :slight_smile:


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