Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Nikita


Somre real nice models you got - and your concept is promising too - good luck!


This is caustics and GI and volume light
There also will be some foam later…


HI everyone
So, this is a test render of a bur without textures on it now. Bur has a
skin shader and rendered with the help of GI and HDRI. I guess it seems very clean and I am going to add scratches and some dirt…work is going on :slight_smile:


And at last I am able to show you the main point in the scene (its a work material)- an energy
that was hidden for many years…and it
has a new breath now. You will see what will happen later…


A cone was taken to Z Brush
then some bump and texture…work in progress…


Excellent work… concept modeling and texture are great… and the water FX is very very cool!!! :cool: … keep going!! :beer:


This is a concept of an archeologyst…
to be continued


Modeling of the archeologysts head…
just a start


This is an archeologyst.
Characters wont be wery high poly as they will be too small. It is low mesh
and setup.


Just a 100% zoom of this character
(textures and skinning in progress).


Very nice i like them all the modelling the concept texturing very good job so far

cant wait to see whats next:bounce:


I did not understand your concept! But the details are excellent! Congratulations!


These are workers
(they will be very small so detalization is low).


Very nice for the low poly guys! And the cloth shader is very good:thumbsup: only the skin should be more “wet” and less plastic. I’m waiting for next updates


Hey great concept, it provides lots of possibility. One more thing you may want to add to the scene are water pumps to clean out the bottom of the hole, like they use in building construction where the excavation is below the water table.

Good luck in the contest, great job so far.


Just one of some rendering tests of the Grand Fish (no textures and shaders).
Used caustics and GI.


Thanks everyone for your comments!:slight_smile:
Soapy: the idea about water pumps looks great!!!


I made setup for the workers and started to pose them (every person will have its own emmotion).


Well, I dicided to render and compose
the scene to understand some things.
I have found many problems with masses
and lights and feelings.
And a very interesting part of work will come soon - a new life, there will
much green and fresh leaves and grass
and some alien plants…


Modeling and modeling
Added some grass…