Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Nikita


Nikita has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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The story of this image is inside the concept sketch milestone.
Its about new life that was sleeping for years.
Thanks Soapy and Arturro for your suggestions
they really helped me.
I also would like to thank my friends Vitaliy Yakimenko, D.E.M. and a beautiful Satura for their support :slight_smile:
Ocean of many 3d packages and plugins and dozens of photoshop layers on the planet CG
was an exciting one!!!



HI everyone
So, this is the concept of my work called “New old World”.

long long time ago in a galaxy
space ships began their journey but disappeared.
They found a new planet which looked like ours, but there was no contact with Earth.
People had lived on this land many thousand years and a great flood began

Somehow the Earth found this planet covered with ice and water,
and every living thing is feeling a new life on this planet now,
an excavation of our old civilization.


hey very nice concept Nikita, i cant wait to c more from you… btw wellcome to the challange and best of luck


…modeling of some parts has been started…


Modeling and UV.


Hi Nikita,

Welcome to the contest and good luck.

Interesting concept and look forward to seeing more.




I am now working with ocean shader in Maya…so what I have made…
some fog and hardware render


Nice work! I like your ocean shader. It’s too greenish for me, but it’s other parameters are perfect! And I would add some strips of foam on the top ef the waves.

good luck:thumbsup:


…keep modeling
render Brazil r/s


I decidid to change my lights in the scene…it has a new feeling now.
I have to jump from one milestone to another because there are new ideas every day and it is difficult to alive
the atmosphere that is in my head.


Modeling some tehnological


…and I have finished two models
and added some lights.
I am working with the scale of of objects in the scene…


Began modeling stone head…


I have taken the head into ZBrush…


I modeled the trunk in maya and used
some paint effects leaves.


…I used shatter…then it will be Z_Brush


…this is a test of all main masses in the scene…just black and white


I decided to light and render some geometry using HDRI…but detalization is not finished yet…there will be displacement.


Real Flow for water…some shots
from the simulation.


WOW!! super fluid effect!! great! and nice render test! You are making nice stpes! I’m waiting for next one. No crits to be made now:thumbsup: