Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Nicolas Villarreal Kwasek


A more advance screenshot of my alien police squad


Hey. You got pretty far while I wasn’t paying attention. It’s looking good. :thumbsup:


When you model a character with armor or a robot its best to keep all the pieces seperate parts and position them when you want. Its much easier. The most pieces the better I say.

Also make sure to use bevel or add more edges on the edge of metal pieces to make them sharp. Its very important. Also try and make the lines follow in a curve rather then say a vertice on a line pushed in. It will stop it from looking too organic. Unless thats what you want.

Just some tips…

I like the design though. The riot shield is a good add on. Making it bigger then the concept design I think will make it look more badass. ;p

oh yah and instead of “police” written on it like that you should make it like klingon type text to show it alienish… or predator like writting :smiley:


Thanks guys for the support.
Xero: am have still not desided if the armor is an organic armor or a metal armor. but I will try to follow your advices…
In a few hours I will post another screen of my work…


Love your idea. Great modeling too. I agree with Xero that the sheild will help the cop look more “bad ass” just don’t know if your going for that. Well the whole thing looking pritty damn good and that gets you one of these:buttrock:

keep up the good work and good luck.


now I see where the camera angle remark came from, great pov you chose, as you have noticed I can still learn a thing or two on that subject :rolleyes:

great work mate, very cool visualisation ot concept, sweet start on modeling, keep it up :thumbsup:


Some more detail on the background buildings…


This time, I included my alien version on the screen. The spaceship is also more detailed, but still there is a lot of work…I think I’ll start doing some texture test…
Tell me what you think about it!


hey that’s a nice place, nice model
but try to do something else for that image, details to make it more epic ok?

nice work


Thanks for the comments, and yes, the scene will look more epic. The characters will be having their daily life in the market, while some serious action will happen in the sky…but some more modiling is comming soon!


hi nikus…action in the sky? good idea. is a fight betwen 2 ships?


Great work Nikus :thumbsup: It’s nice to see those sketches come to life. I like the scene setup and the concept. Not much to c&c on the alien police squad character yet, but I’m looking forward to see it grow.


Thank you guys, Im trying to do my best. Yes, indeed, I am not satisfied with the police character. Ive started to model the child which is in the foreground. Still working with the background. Wish me luck!


Don’t worry. You’ll get it. :thumbsup: As long as the computer is still working, there’s hope. (And there’s always hope the computer will start working too. :rolleyes: ) Anyway, keep up the good work.


I like the idea that daily life goes on but an epic moment is happening too. Look forward to more updates.
My GSO entry


nice work nikus!:thumbsup: -like how you’re sticking w/your original concept but allowing it to evolve and grow as well. ever see the show firefly? -seems like they were often landing someplace where people couldn’t afford technology or the nicer things it might bring. of course, they were free from the problems that come with technology as well; the simple and the complex being forced to merge together.

anyway, i’m looking forward to those textures



Hi, It’s me again. Your concept it’s very good, I know what you want to say with this becouse we are living the same reality in our country. I have some thinks to say: First: add some details, I think you are workin on this bus just in case. Then, Is just my impresion but is somthing wrong whit your camera shot, I think that you could find a better angle to capture a better image, or maybe it is a problem of the proportions of your image. It’s better when you use a rectangle rather than squares, I know that your image is’n a square but you should enphatise a rectangle shape. a last thing, the column that is holding your tower, maybe could be a little wider.

Todo lo demás esta muy bien, me da mucho gusto poder ayudarte en lo que creo que podría mejorar. Sobre todo pon atención en la proporción, has la prueba y juzgalo tu mismo.

Que lo pases bien.

Snake Farlow. The rougue.


Thankyou Snake and everybody. Right now Im in a huge delay because I have so many things to do! You know, college projects, work, girlfriend…
I promise to put at least some screens for next week…I apologize for the delay


Excuses, excuses. You know I would never allow things to delay me here. :rolleyes: Nah. I know what you mean. That’s where the “life always getting in the way of art” thing came from in my frist post. Anyway, hope you get some free time to work on this thing again. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. :arteest: Later!


What’s up Nikus.

I am worry about you, it has been many days since you send your last update. I hope we could see your new art soon.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.