Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Nicolas Villarreal Kwasek


Nicolas Villarreal Kwasek has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: Some composition

This time, I included my alien version on the screen. The spaceship is also more detailed, but still there is a lot of work…I think I’ll start doing some texture test…
Tell me what you think about it!


welcome to the comp and good luck


Hello to everyone,
I’m very excited to enter the challenge, it is a big deal for me. Anyway, good luck to you all.

Let’s get to the point. My idea es to represent common people in futuristic space galaxies. Haven’t you thought about how would it be for poor countries to survive en such a high tech environment? I thing the idea is very interesting. Now, I want to include human figures which would have very delicated expresions as well as huge technological buildings with spaceships in the sky. Do you get the picture? I also want to use an exagerated perspective to increase the drama in the image. I’m going to work in Lightwave 8. The sketches are on the way…but I still dont have a very well organized picture of it all.

Anyway I hope we learn as much as we can from each other…
Good Luck
Nicolas Villarreal Kwasek


Hi Nikus! Looking forward to seeing your concept sketch. I recall that in Star Trek Next Generation, they mentioned several times how that they had solved the problem of poverty. I imagine the only way would be a socialist democracy. That way no-one would have to starve, or go without medicine. In any case, they reached a point where, instead of antagonists from within, that is to say (from within our society) new antagonists were out there somewhere waiting for us. I like the thoughts you have put into your visualization. I’ll be looking in.



Welcome to the challenge. And good luck!


Ok, here is my first sketch. It consist of a small girl, dressed with a Poncho (clothes that Latin american natives use in the mountains) She has a fruit in her hand and is gasping into the sky. Around here is a market place crowded with people. Above, are huge buildings, with hich tec details. And in the sky there is a huge trafic of spaceships, carriers, as well as fighters. And at last there is a planet. THe light would be different from that which is right now. My inspiration comes from series like Cowboy Bebop, or evangelion (a little bit). I am not still satisfied, what do u people think???


Intersting concept, it`s an idea to devlopp… maybe try also another perspective where we can see some poor buildings (favella?) and maybe a wall separating them to the rich side… :curious:

Good luck to you.


It will be better to show the entire body of this girl, because “poncho” covers all the body from shoulders to floor.
So “poncho” visuals can only be apreciated if the entire body is shown, not only the upper body.
How about a platform?

Hope it helps…

Nice idea to show “contrast”!

Good luck!


Hello, it is 2:30 in the morning and Im falling from sleep…Here are my sketches for my image…hope you like them.


this may be one of the citizens of the street


very basic design of how the carrier is going to look from below


This I consider a better concept for my scene. Well…the drawings are terrible, but I think it fits the idea…still dont know what to do with the girl…maybe convert her into an android or something…what do u guys think?


I like it. Great idea so far. I’d suggest keeping the girl a girl simply because it would keep us attached to the character. Although, she could have a cybernetic arm which would show that she’s been through a lot in her life. Looking forward to seeing more. great work. :bounce:


Ok, here is my first modeled example. I used another architecture instead of my sketches, but the idea goes the same. I’m also starting to work on the people that will appear in the market. Please tell me what do you guys think.


Here is the development of the carrier. I am starting to do some details. Since it would be close to the camera, I want to give it the effect that this is a huge spaceship flying on top of all those people.


repeated image


Here is my dome for the background layer. It consists of a huge building with thousands of little windows. This building will be connected with other buildings through tunnels in the sky. Still dont know how would it be…but I keep working


repeated image


UPS!!! Sorry for that repeating of the last image!!! My computer had a network problem and somehow I think I submitted it three times…does anyone know how to erase that?


Here is the beggining of my police squad that is going to control the market place. Huge alien warriors strong and fast.